random stuff

My dad sent me the link to this video--Katie, Jaymie, Sarah, Cindy wants you to watch this, and anyone else reading this it is definitely worth the 15 minutes. =)

It gets really hard to hear towards the end so be sure to turn your volume up.

Jon's been enjoying work so far, he has 8 weeks of training but he says it's not boring at least. I've been doing my part to make sure he looks really nice--he absolutely hated having to go shopping, but he was so cute popping in and out of the dressing room trying everything on, and we got him a few nice outfits to wear.

We also found an apartment, really nice and clean, and huge for a one-bedroom place (850 square feet, with a big, roomy kitchen!). We handed in our applications today, and we should know for sure late Tuesday or maybe Wednesday morning--I've never really done this sort of thing before, but I don't -think- we'll get denied... but I am still nervous and excited. <.<

So, Jon has a job, we probably/mostly have a new place to live, and everything seems to be going well!

Also, the shaman thing I mentioned? It's not working out. I hate it. I miss my hunter. So, switching back, and trying not to be so stupid in the future. Jon thinks it's hilarious that this is one of the VERY few times I have actually regretted a decision. <.< Don't worry, there will probably be more...


Katie said...

Did your Dad send you this because he wanted you to smile when you get your permit at the DMV?!!!! Ha, ha! It was a cute video!
I'm glad that you guys found a place that you like and that you got Jon some clothes for work. Why do boys always hate shopping?!

Cushfamily said...

Congratulations on your DMV success! Since there are no real "validators" in the world, we need to find happiness within ourselves and what we know!