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Tabard ideas for our new guild.... second to last is my fave. :)


Fun with Hunters. :)

Spent a lot of today running around with Fogol and another hunter--Jeriaus--in Azshara, working on their hunter quests. (Fogz is on the turquoise raptor, Jeri on the green one.) Quite fun, and I got to level skinning--I'm at around 290 right now, I think. Afterwards, Jeriaus and I headed to UnGoro Crater for some questing... while we were there, we came across the biggest raptor-y thing I have ever seen. This thing was...MASSIVE.

And of course we had to hunt it down and kill it.

It was big enough that we could hide inside from passing Alliance...not that we did, but it might have been fun. :)

Anyway, did a Sunken Temple run with Jon later that went quite well, once we figured out how to tell him apart from the Blood Elf rogue--here are some shots of our little dance party (held while Jeri was off getting some ammo).

Not quite as wild as last night's drunken festivities atop the Orgrimmar Bank (don't worry, I'll post those pics soon!) but it was a good run, and I was very much right about Jon getting along with Jeri. Now we just need to find a mage or something that we all get along with, and we will have a very nice little group for any 5-mans we decide to try...


Guide-ish thing to Mulgore...part one.

I love Tauren. No, really, I do. I know Jon hates 'em, but there's something really comforting about having the main tank, whether warrior or bear, be twice your size with some really huge weapons. And there's something about the Tauren as a race that seems to foster the kind of calm, slow thought in players that one would expect of the characters themselves. In short, they're a pleasure to work with, and really cute in shrunken cat form.

Sadly, though, I just can't play them. I've tried, again and again, and never made it past level ten. It's sad, because I know I'd love playing a druid, and I really do enjoy Thunder Bluff and Mulgore--it's just that I can't stand having half a ton of beef in the middle of my screen, blocking my view of whatever it is I just attacked. I mean, seriously, isn't the game about exploring new places and killing interesting mobs? And if you can't see anything, well...

Oh, and kodo. They're pretty darn cool too.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to introduce you folks who've never played Wow, never been to Mulgore, and certainly have never rolled a Tauren, to the cowfolks' starting area and quests. It's not a comprehensive guide, nor is it designed for speed leveling--this is for fun, and to hopefully get me started on a Tauren character I'll actually enjoy.

Here goes.

This is what a male Tauren looks like. Not too bad, but note the size. The females are much smaller, so that's what I'll be using.

All right, I have an appearance I like, now for the name... clever, punnish names are always good. Since she's a Druid, and will thus be spending a lot of time shapeshifting--especially into catform--we'll call her Purrmutation.

All right, ready to get started.

Welcome to Camp Narache--looks like it's a rainy day in Mulgore. Our first quest-giver is right in front of us, and there's another one inside the big tent to our left. Pick them both up, since they can be completed at the same time: one quest is to collect assorted Plainstrider parts, the other is to find someone's grandmother. Head out of camp, and start killing all the big ugly birds you see.

Greatmother Hawkwind is next to the well--she doesn't need an escort back to camp, but she does ask you to take a pitcher of water back for her. Do NOT forget to pick it up--it'll be all sparkly--because you really don't need to come back here later.

Time to head back to camp and turn in quests! You should have hit level 2 by this point, which means that you'll be able to pick up a quest to talk to your class trainer, and also that you can get your level two training. Before you do, though, stop by a vendor and sell off everything you don't need. (Equip what you can use, keep your food and water, keep your hearthstone, sell everything else.) This should give you more than enough money to purchase new skills, and should be your procedure any time you head back to a town for the next few levels. (Later, you'll want to learn how to use the auction house.) Don't let the items pile up--you can only carry so many with the bag space you have, and it's much better to sell them off than to have to destroy an item.

For your next couple of quests, this hut is where you need to go:

It is where you'll begin on the first of the Rites of the Earthmother to become accepted in Thunder Bluff, and is conveniently located near the Mountain Cougars you need to hunt for their pelts. I'd say do have the cougars on the way in, pick up the quest, and then do the rest on the way back to camp.

Hunting cougars:

If you haven't already figured it out, the yellow question mark means you need to talk to this guy to finish a quest. This is up at the small hut I pointed out earlier--don't worry, the climb's not tough.

Now that you have the next quest, head back to Camp Narache--don't start it right away. You have another couple of quests that you can pick up for the same area, and it's more efficient to work on them all at once.

On the way back, you may run into this kodo skeleton--there aren't any kodo up by Narache, but you'll get to see them soon enough once you start wandering around Mulgore. For now, just imagine the kind of creature tat has bones like that! (If you're really curious, there should be a kodo skin staked out by the tents that you can take a look at. Maybe from the same one?)

Now that you're back, turn in the cougar pelt quest, sell off the junk in your inventory, and pick up all the quests you can. You should end up with three in total (you can view them by clicking on the goblet icon or typing "l"), all to be completed in the same area.

It's a long walk, so start right away, heading east.

This is where we need to go. See those brambles in the distance? (Upper right, past the pines.)

We won't be coming back here on the way out, so take the time now to kill all of the Battleboars you need to get enough snouts and flanks. They do attack on sight, so don't get to close--you shouldn't have much trouble fighting them one at a time, though, as they are rather spread out.

Once you have enough of the quest items, head towards the brambles. They mark the entrance to the quillboars' home, where you need to go to complete the next two quests.

See that cave? That's where you'll need to go next. And honestly, I really think this next part is hard if you do it at the right I'm gonna write it all out sometime when I've got a bit more time to explain everything. For now... I'm logging out.



(So I haven't hit 47 yet.... I'm close, aaaand I'm only 50 rep from being Revered with Thunder Bluff. Without having done the cloth turn-ins yet. Riding Kodo, here I come!)

Anyway, I've all of a sudden had about a zillion ideas for WoW-related comics hit my brain.... finally! I'll be doing my best to get something drawn up tomorrow and posted, even if it's only a sketch. I have that scanner for a reason, dangit!

Possible script, in two parts...

Mom: Guess what, dear? I decided to try your cooking game!
Gamer: What??
Mom: That's right, World of Crafts! I already have five new recipes.
Gamer: ...
Mom: The bad frog people tried to take my ingredients. *eyetwitch*
Gamer: I see you, uh, gained a level....

Gamer: (Is in a raid)
Mom: I made you supper, dear! It's a new recipe. *offers bowl of soup, spoon, etc*
Gamer: Mmm, thanks!
Gamer: ...
Gamer: What's this called again?
Mom: Westfall Stew. It's from your game, so you like it, right?
Gamer: *spew*

Gamer: WTH?? Where the $%&@ did you get murloc eyes?!?
Mom: A good cook knows how to keep her secrets!
Gamer: ...just tell me. Seriously.
Mom: Oh, and that purple bar at the bottom of the screen went away. Does that mean I win the game?

I can see this developing into a regular storyline about the mother discovering the game...wanting her own guild, maybe, and beginning to raid....hehe. Yes, I like it. I think that's what I'll do, yes preciousss....

Ah--a couple of references. First, I'm pretty sure the whole mom-wants-to-play thing was directly inspired by darqueblueknight's awesome story, which you can read here. Second, if you want the real recipe for Westfall Stew, here it is. Please do not attempt to make it in the real world!

Also, this guy's machinima is awesome. Go watch it. There's even a serious one at the bottom of the Movies page!


This is why I play.

Last night, Jon was raiding so I logged on to my shammy for some solo play. Less than a minute later, I got a whisper from a hunter I'd grouped with a couple of times, asking if I had any instances planned for that night. (Yep, I'm just that awesome. Well, and healers are rare...) I didn't but we put a group together and headed for ZF... Unfortunately the tank had to leave, after bringing in an incompetent replacement (really, whining about the hunter using AoEs on the scarabs because the pally couldn't hold aggro on more than two and we needed them dead, -fast-? Lame.) So me and the hunter spent about an hour just messing around in Gadgetzan, me admiring his awesome uber (and sometimes giant red) monkey--you do NOT see a lot of gorilla pets, especially on BM hunters. so yay! I need to get a screenie next time.

Managed to find a new group...his pally friend as tank, and then a lock and mage for dps. Got in okay, despite the stupid nelf druid by the entrance killing us a couple of times, and got to work. I died. A lot. And it's not 'cause I don't know the instance, was my fifth time through. I blame the warlock. We actually had a purple drop (Gut Ripper), the first one I've actually seen, which the lock won, and the mask dropped off the witch doctor (lock needed on it, bleh. SO not grouping with her again!) Anyway, after the 6th death or so--this took long enough that I used my ankh TWICE--we'd skipped fighting the group from the pyramid, and no one had the mallet to summon the hydra, so we called it quits. Got back to Org, repaired (nearly 1g, my new record.. :P), and got a whisper from the hunter asking if I'd like to go and get the mallet with him. I said yes, flew to Tarren Mill to meet him and the pally, and we started our journey into the Hinterlands...

We killed a rarespawn bear that dropped a green, just for kicks, and skirted around the gryphons in front of the pass through the mountains. I stopped occasionally to check the maps, while the others killed stuff that attacked me. We ran into trouble early on, since we had to pass through what was apparently an Alliance village.... luckily only the hunter died, so we rezzed him and continued on. The map didn't show any paths to the Horde town on the other side of the zone, so we headed for the lake and swam down the river to the sea. Luckily nothing nasty in the water. We discovered, though, that there was a huge waterfall at the end of the river...after much deliberation--and making sure that we all had rez abilities (hunter is an engineer)--we jumped. Thank goodness no one hit the rocks. We then swam south to Revantusk Village, picked up the flight path, check where we needed to go, and headed west again...

It took awhile, but we found the mob that dropped the hammer for all of us, and then headed into this weird troll city to find the altar to enchant it with. Really, it was just like an instance, only outdoors, and I was getting hardly any xp...very sad. My healing was really needed, as were the totems, which was kind of fun for normal questing, though.

And that's what this was...questing. Even though we didn't technically have a quest or anything. But there we were, three level 45 Horde, off on our big adventure into the wilds. With a goal in mind, and the basic party roles filled, and that element of uncertainty that makes everything so much more fun. There might have been a bit of roleplay. It was, without a doubt, the most fun I have ever had playing WoW. Totally immersive.

We gotta do it again some time.

Anyway, we have the hammer now, so we can do Zul'Farrak again tonight or tomorrow. And I know we'll have a good group, if we can pick up some decent dps, since the pally actually knows how to tank...turns out I'd done Uldaman with him before, too, though I couldn't remember.

Anyway, Fogol, Thenus, if you guys ever read this--thanks, it was fun. :) Seeya in Azeroth!


Would also like to add: Looks like my number of blog entries has been keeping up with my level! Hmm, maybe I'll update every time I level up?