Wheee, that was fun. :) Me, that awesome warrior tank from before, a 39 hunter, and a 50 rogue. Good times.... only two deaths the entire time, first one was the hunter I think--I rezzed whoever it was but I can't remember--and the second one was me, near the end, yay reincarnate. I think I did a pretty good job keeping everyone healed, the rogue made up for the fact that we were 4-manning it, and the hunter knew what he was doing. Did I mention the tank was awesome? <3

Coulda used more mana breaks, but I did okay, only used a few pots and most of those were health. Can't wait to come back once I get some mail gear!

Not quite 40 yet--3 bubbles left. Shouldn't take long!


Calmer now.

Apparently writing everything out helps.

Gonna try and find a group for Razorfen Downs now, work out some of that agression.

Will figure out how to apologize for getting so mad, and what to do about stuff like what caused it, tomorrow.

One helluva bad mood.

And Jon, if you're reading this, which you should be, maybe something will get through your thick skull. Who knows?

Woke up planning to hit 39 before class. Did so, but it took a bit longer than expected, since Dragonmaw was down for an extra hour. Had a great run through SM Cathedral, though--I love it when we have both frost and fire mages, and when there's enough cc I swear warriors make even better tanks than paladins. Ate dinner, left for class, GOT LOST.


Tried to take a shortcut from my normal route, ended up taking an extra hour and a half to figure out that I was lost and how to get back to campus. So, missed Welsh entirely. Jon picked me up, we went and grabbed dinner and my laptop. He said it wasn't a raid night so we could do something together. Yay!

Except that I had a nasty headache, which standing in line at his favorite restaurant didn't help. I don't blame him for that, it was my idea after all. And it did die down a bit after I got my drink and we got back and I could just sit down for a while.

Where I started getting frustrated, I think, was when he started talking about the new 5-man instance that got released today, and how awesome it was. I admit, I -was- a little curious--I mean, that's the kind of stuff I never get to see, and won't for a good 30 levels or so. But when he asked if I wanted to see the new area, what I was expecting was a quick tour and then logout. Especially since he knew I wanted to hit 40 tonight, and he'd suggested we run SM again (Library thru Cathedral). So you know, I kind of thought MAYBE when he said we could spend time together, he ACTUALLY MEANT IT.

Instead, he spent the next hour or so just getting a group together for the instance, then until nearly midnight trying to finish it. And he only stopped after I told him, for about the fifth time, that I really needed to get home NOW.

Of course, instead of telling them to find another 'lock, he asked if they could wait 20 minutes or so.

It's a BRAND NEW INSTANCE. I really doubt that they'd have any trouble finding a replacement, and even if they did, well, that should NOT be his first concern.

I'm so angry right now, and I'm not even sure exactly what set it off. Probably a combination of everything, plus his saying stuff like "I'm sorry I wasn't being completely attentive". I DO NOT NEED YOUR COMPLETE ATTENTION, DAMMIT! I do JUST FINE doing my own thing; I can be quite happy healing low level instances or taking a nap while you do other things. But when I feel like crap to begin with, and then you tell me all these nice things about how we'll FINALLY get some time together, and THEN you COMPLETELY IGNORE ME so you can spend time acting like a jackass with a bunch of people you don't even know (remember that you did have Vent turned up so I could hear it), the is TOO MUCH.

I don't need much. Is it unreasonable to ask that I simply be treated as a higher priority than that game? I enjoy it too, sure, but not to the exclusion of all else. If there's something important to me--if there's something important to someone who's important to me--I can step away and focus on that.

Maybe I'm being the stereotypical game-hating girlfriend here, I don't know. Maybe not. I do know, though, that I've put up with a lot more than most people would have. And hey, I want to make this work. I really do. But I can't do it if I'm going to be the only one putting any kind of effort into the relationship, which is really what it feels like sometimes. And at this point, I really do feel like the guildies rank higher than I do; frustrating, to say the least. What am I supposed to do to get some attention, wear a tight shirt and yell "I HAVE BOOBIES!!!!"?

And now my stomach's gone all queasy. Oh, yay. If I'm really lucky, it's just because I'm angry...

I'm not feeling very lucky, though.


Not in a good mood today, and I might have taken it out a little on least he's feeling better now. :/ After he logged off for the night, I worked on finding a group for Scarlet Monastery (Library and Armory) and had a ton of fun the first time through. Hit 38, finally, and I'm about halfway to 39 now. Another few hours of questing and instances, and I'll be at 40 and can get my riding wolf...

The mage from the earlier group ran me through Armory and Cathedral on an alt, which was kinda fun--seems like even low level healers are useful to a 'lock. Got some good loot, and a dagger from the Library that was definitely an upgrade... my last run through the Armory would have been fun, but the server shut down so I guess I'll never know. (Me on heals plus two 40-something Ret pallies--good times.)

Anyway, in a much better mood now. Gonna get some sleep and then make breakfast. Leftover muffins, yay!


Another great WC run...

Went through Wailing Caverns yesterday before class without Jon--me, prot pally tank, shadow priest, rogue, and druid. Rogue disconnected right as we went in, so we four-manned it--well, two of us were female, but you know what I mean. They kept me stocked up on health and mana pots, and gave me plenty of milk when I ran out of melon juice, plus did an awesome job of keeping me alive so I could heal. Power Word: Shield FTW! Had voice chat on with the party, talking with the pally...priest got a bit annoying (talking about our "sexy voices"), and pally ignored him so he left before the last two bosses. Still, we tore through them in no time with pally tanking awesomely, druid in cat form, and me doing my crazy healing thing. AWESOME FUN!!

Told Jon about it and he wants us to get in on the pally's guild, which will be nice if we can get in contact with the leader--they've got a wide range of levels, too, which is awesome.

Ran through once with Jon's undead priest, trying to get the pants--no luck, so I went home and we tried again, with a group. Fair group, but not great--pally tank hadn't spent any talent points and didn't have the greatest gear, other pally was drinking and low level, mage (I think?) did a fair job but was low level so needed a lot of healing, and Jon did good dps so no complaints there. The healing really took it out of me, though, and I ended up entering that state of mind in which I look at my health bar and think, "Okay, I can take a health pot and keep myself alive, or I can take a mana potion and get a few more heals on the tank before I die," and I pick mana. Luckily the spare pally healed me in time so I could keep going--another reason I love grouping with pallies! Did the murloc with this group, didn't get anything amazing though and it was just crazy trying to keep everyone alive (by the end, the second mage had left, which made healing easier but the fights took longer).

Got a green staff with +15 healing that I'm using instead of the Living Root now; I realize that it's got lower damage but that doesn't matter so much as I shouldn't be dealing too much, and although there's no spirit on it (which lowers my mana regen by 6), the increased healing (which I view as increased mana efficiency) totally makes up for it. For now, at least.

Ran through three more times with just Jon and me, trying to get the stuff I needed--last time was great; not only did the pants FINALLY drop, I picked up two Gloves of the Fang (which are bind on equip, and can therefore be auctioned off!) and the Seedcloud Buckler which I also had been wanting.

Of course, by this point it was 3 am...

Still, awesome! And we're not gonna be running WC again, I can tell you that...heh. Gonna start in on Shadowfang Keep as soon as I get my water totem quest completed; that'll be fun.

I need more mana potions.



You might remember that I've been playing a hunter since Jon got me hooked on WoW... well for the past few weeks I've been experimenting a bit, and I decided to try out Shaman.


I get this huge rush just playing it--not that she's overpowered, if anything I think the Shaman class has a lot of issues, but it's FUN. Jon started up a new character so we could do battlegrounds and such together, and also ran me through Wailing Caverns about a zillion times so I could get my Embrace of the Viper armor set. Still haven't gotten the leggings, which I NEED for that +10 Int bonus from the full set, but it's been good.

But that's old news.

Anyway, I decided to try out battlegrounds for the first time tonight--Jon was raiding on another server, so I went alone and ended up with a pretty random group. First battle lasted over 40 minutes, we lost after a couple of the better players had to leave. WAY longer than I expected, though--I was thinking 20 minutes or so, with us winning since Alliance players always complain about Horde winning BGs. I was soooo wrong.

I ended up going in 4 times on my own (2nd and 3rd with pretty much the same people, once with me and a priest and like 8 rogues), and losing every time. After the first time, I took another look at what I'd been doing, and decided to re-spec to Restoration for the faster healing since that was obviously needed. Gold, luckily, was not an issue (seriously, guys, I had enough to BUY MY MOUNT already, at level 19!) so I picked out some talents that looked good and figured I'd go back to Ele/Enh later for questing.

Anyway, 5th try or so at Warsong Gulch we had a nice balanced group, and Jon was along with his mage. It took over an hour, but we actually managed to win--TOTALLY awesome! It helped, of course, that the Alliance had a bunch of lower levels--some 14s and even an 11--but they fought HARD and at one point I was sure we weren't gonna make it. But we WON! Yay! /cheer

After that, though, we tried another couple times and did horribly both times. Strategy and teamwork were a bit lacking, a lot of people seemed to think that because we had 3 paladins and I had a shiny green shield, I did not need to be protected. This, while I was trying to heal their sorry butts and getting swarmed by half of the Alliance side. I really don't like rogues... and I HATE gnomes, rogues and warriors and all. It's so freaking hard to target them--they're so tiny! On the other hand, Tauren are AWESOME. Sooo easy to click on and heal... of course this probably means they get hit more, too, but still. Awesome. Especially druids in bearform.

Eheh. Back on topic...

After we left the bg (last group we fought was all extremely well-geared twinks, and our side not so much, so rather hopeless) we decided to do another Wailing Caverns run for my pants. Picked up a group and went in... me healing. The druid was a bit miffed that he was expected to go bearform and tank instead of me ("But she has a shield! -I- can heal!") but the others stood up for my healyness before I had to, which was nice. And he was Balance anyway, which I don't believe is the healing spec?

Things went well, except for the fight with Lady Anacondra where I was OOM and couldn't heal so the tank and dps got killed...I ended up doing a fair bit of damage, though, and Jon took care of her with his mage once I died. I rezzed the people that needed it, though, so I don't feel bad.

Now here's the thing--I was having so much FUN healing that after we killed Cobrahn and the rogue Needed the leggings and won, I just laughed about it. I wasn't mad or anything, and the rogue was good enough and didn't mind running it again to try for the pants (and seeing how bad they looked on him was hilarious!) that it was all okay. Jon got pretty upset, but he managed to find a hunter to fill in for the druid when he left, so we could go again--hunter and warlock pets tanking, and I think I did a pretty good job of keeping everyone alive. Though the hunter had poor gear (I did give him some shoulders that dropped) and the warlock had no idea how to handle his pet. Hunter got a LOT better as we moved through, I was really impressed, but the warlock had to leave... we got a Pally tank instead, after which things started getting really good. I was happily standing in the back healing my little Orcish butt off, we only had one death (the hunter) after which everyone got much more careful, and we even had time to kill the giant murloc. Who didn't drop anything too awesome, iirc, but was fun nonetheless.

Leggings didn't drop, but I'm okay with that. Getting to know the instance well enough that I feel fine running through with a group, and I LOVE the healing. It's my new addiction, just like the Shaman class...

and the best part is, I'm not squishy! Well, maybe a little... mostly crunchy, though. And a blue staff dropped with extra healing, which will be awesome since I'm totally going Resto all the way. Yayz!

If anyone wants to bother looking up my Armory page, the name's Tanakyll--the only one, so far--and server is Dragonmaw. :)