I drew a dinosaur. Hooray.

Gotta go to Welsh soon...

My latest wallpaper...

Screencaps taken from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, episode 8. Kyouhei can be so dang cute in chibi form.... and Yuki's expression is priceless.
I want rice, but Teriyaki Stix doesn't open before 11:00, and on Tuesdays everything shuts down from 10:45 till noon. Boooo!


Day of good friends...

I ran into Julia today, just as I came out of the Wilk and it started raining. It was nice to finally see a familiar face--I honestly hadn't realized just how much I missed having people around that I know. She seemed happy to see me too (I'm still not sure how she recognized me with my hood up and my hat on), and we exchanged phone numbers. We're gonna get together for lunch sometime soon. :)

I left my Kon hat on during American Heritage, and afterwards this guy came up and asked me if I liked Bleach a lot. We talked for a while, it was kind of fun to FINALLY meet someone with similar interests...I think he felt the same way. I might have been just a tad too enthusiastic, though....man I love that show! I think his name was Dray or Drey or something like that, I'm not sure how he spells it.

Yay. Happy day.


All I want for Christmas...

Okay, I'm a little homesick. Not so much for home, as family... (I miss you guys!)

I'm really glad I'll be able to come home for Christmas, even if it's just for a little while. Especially since I'm not even really going to be spending Thanksgiving with family (again). Grandma's going to be out of town and an aunt I barely know and a couple of annoying cousins doesn't count.

I miss my real family.

So, this combined with the watching of large amounts of anime has made me decide that there's one thing we really need. At the very least, it would be awesome and warm, and a lot less smoky than the fireplace.

I want a kotatsu.

Maybe not this year, since I won't exactly have time to make my own once I get out there, but maybe next year when we're all here. It seems simple enough, and I think it would be really nice. =)

Come on, guys, comments?


And more oddness. Plus, things I want to buy, but won't.

Two things:

First, I just started watching Ouran High School Host Club, and I feel like I already know the main character...for one thing, give it a few more days and I really will look just like she does in the first episode. All I need is clothing slightly worse than what I'm wearing now. No joke. (But hey, think of the excellent cosplay opportunities...)

Here's a picture, just so you can see for yourself. The hair and glasses, and lack of expression, they are me.

Second. The following isn't so much a Christmas wish list or anything, as a list of nifty things I kinda want, but am probably not going to be buying for myself. Mainly because I've already completely covered my walls (and most of the celing) with posters, Bleach and otherwise, along with a good part of the ceiling. Items are in no particular order.

--Bunny plush. (Honey's, from Ouran High School Host Club.)

--Also, a Beelzenef hand puppet would be awesome. I know I've seen one somewhere. I'll add a link later.

--A Stardust movie poster. Even a little teeny one.

--Serenity paperback promo poster. I've seen one on ebay, but was stupid and didn't buy it. Go figure.

--Cute cycling tights. I know, I make fun of them all the time, but if I could find a cute floral pattern or something, it would look great with a denim miniskirt and wouldn't get caught on my bike...it'd be nice.

--Collapsible metal bike baskets. I saw someonw with these on her bike, and they are TEH AWESOME. They fold up against the rack when not in use. Nifty!

--Onigiri pendant necklace. (From Fruits Basket. Just a cute little necklace featuring Tohru's rice ball persona.)

--RED Fullmetal Alchemist hoodie. The black ones are easy to get, if a bit pricey, but the red ones are near impossible...and so dang awesome. If you've seen the show, you'll understand. Sarah Langreder has one. I have no idea where she got it.

--A pony and a plastic rocket.

--World peace.

Crazy Days

Yesterday my first alarm went off at 7:00. I hit snooze, went back to sleep, and woke up at 10:02 to Grandma knocking on my door, already late for my first class. Somehow, my 8:00 alarm hadn't gone off...I think I probably set it wrong or something. Grandma claimed that this was "my decision" and refused to give me a ride so I could actually make it there before class ended. She also offered me pancakes.


So I tore out of the house less than ten minutes later, barely dressed (same stuff I slept in, plus pants and a hoodie) with truly awful hair, and managed to get halfway to school before snagging my pant leg on my grears. Lovely. At least it's a small tear, though I'll probably have to fix it before it gets any worse. Did I mention that I can't sew?

I arrived on campus at about 10:15, but as I reached the top of the large hill near the stadium a couple stopped me to ask for directions. Actually, I think he might have just been her last guide. She wanted to know how to get to Helaman Halls to visit a friend before she left--apparently she was from England, on "holiday", and was going home the next day. When a simple "thattaway" did not suffice, I offered to walk her the rest of the day. She looked pretty desperate...

So I got her to Helaman Halls, feeling rather generous, then hauled my butt over to the testing center (I have no idea why we have writing there, but it is) and arrived with ten minutes left in the class. Hooray. And did I mention that I hadn't done the reading yet?

Oh well. At least I got to help someone out. Maybe that's why I missed the second alarm.

Anyway, now I've got a ton of stuff coming due, all at once:

--American Heritage: Common Sense essay (I'm on page 15 of the book, with no writing done yet...luckily it's only 500-600 words.) Due 8:00 am tomorrow.
--Honors Writing: Draft of my critical analysis paper. The title may or may not be "Mrs Turpin's New Clothes". I have a previous version done, but I need to add a lot. Must be posted online by noon tomorrow.
--Book of Mormon: I get to organize the devotional on Tuesday. That means song, prayer, and scripture/thought. Should be fun though, I really like the class.
--Geology: "Application" papers, chapters 3 and 4. (Yeah, I forgot the one for today.) How are igneous rocks related to my daily life? And what about volcanoes? Tune in next Tuesday for an update...
--Welsh: Learn to speak Welsh. Must be complete by next Thursday or I get turned into a sheep.

Nahh, not really. The sheep part, anyway.

But I do need to start rolling my Rrrrs and spitting on people. Too bad we didn't have class yesterday on Talk Like A Pirate Day, eh?

Oh, and dairy-free mousse is HEAVEN. I'm telling ya, it's all about the tofu. And the chocolate. And the tofu-chocolate goodness. It's kind of like a bad fanfic, only it's good. Did I mention the chocolate?


What were we talking about?


Secret Custom Plans of DOOM!

...what, you really thought I was going to tell you? They're secret!

But I can tell you, TAF Sundance is to be my next victim.


In other news, I actually cooked dinner for Grandma and Chris last night--Pad Thai noodles with red peppers, red onions, and shrimp. Very tasty, and Grandma's agreed to let me cook whenever I feel like it, which will likely be every Friday or so. I now have an awesome vegetarian cookbook, so I feel quite confident.

Of course, the bookstore actually marked it up by a dollar from the price printed on the back cover. <.<

I also picked up a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone....in Welsh! It's kind of hard to understand, seeing as I can barely introduce myself in Welsh much less read it, but I figure that since I plan on sticking with this language for a good long while, having a little extra incentive to succeed wouldn't hurt. Here's what it looks like:

Hopefully I will be reading it around this time next year...if not, it'll be because I've already finished it. (I hope!) I'm joining the Welsh Club (yes, it exists), so that should help me get some extra practice in anyway.

At least I won't be bored anymore. While I still enjoy watching Bleach in my spare time, I'm getting REALLY sick of the Bounto arc. Oh well, only 14 more episodes to go...


The truth about...

...women's restrooms.

I know, it's kind of an odd topic, but I got lost in one this morning.

Really truly. I know it sounds a little bit silly, but perhaps you've never encountered this particular restroom. While it doesn't have the all-too-common two mirrored rooms of stalls, it is quite large, and confusing, and has an extra door where the exit should be but isn't. I think it might be a closet. In any case, I looked rather silly when I tried to open it.

Exiting the bathroom wasn't the only difficulty, of course: On entering, I found myself in what looked like someone's very nice living room, minus windows. It even had a couch and a couple of comfy chairs. (I think this is the real reason you see women going to the bathroom in herds--so they can sit and socialize and not have to deal with all the annoying men. Just a thought, though.) For a couple of minutes I wasn't sure I was in the right place--it took me a while to find the door to the real bathroom from the first room, and even then the stalls were neatly hidden away in a corner.

All in all, a nice, pleasant design, if a little bit frustrating for anyone in a hurry.


This webcomic sums things up quite nicely, I think:

Life Is Good

School's been going well so far, in that I've somehow managed to not fail out on the first day. Not that it's so bad I think I'm going to fail anything, even BoM, but it's a little early to be sure. =) Geology seems like it'll be fine, though I still have to buy the correct textbook for it... Book of Mormon is my worst so far but I've got some plans to take care of that. And Welsh, of course, is teh awesome. As for the others, well, Honors 150 is in an hour and American Heritage is at noon. The other honors course isn't until tomorrow.

To save my back, I've rented a locker in the Wilkinson Center. Yay lockers!

I don't have any friends yet, but I'm surviving.

Given my lack of social interaction, it's understandable that I spend my free time watching anime... currently I'm on episode 86 of Bleach, and loving it. I mean, the Bounto arc is mostly filler, but at least it centers around one of my favorite characters. Now Ishida just needs to get his Quincy powers back and I will be happy... Bleach, like Welsh, is teh awesome.

Speaking of Bleach, I had a really funny (as in weird) dream last night. I can't remember what it was about exactly, but I know I woke up about a dozen times and it involved Romans, Abarai Renji, and a tea party.

Yeah, seriously odd.

Anyway, I finally -really- woke up to my cell phone going off (I use it as an alarm clock) followed by the crash of thunder. We had some seriously scary weather this morning, I was almost ready to just email my instructors and tell them I couldn't make it...

I'm here now, though. Prayer really helps. Srsly.

Although the fact that you have to put an effort in (carrying an umbrella) before being able to expect intervention (no more rain) makes one look rather silly. XD

Anyway, life is good.