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I'm going to be coloring up some more of these for people on the's been a long time since I did any adoptable stuff. :)


Another strange dream....

Had another weird one last night. It started off normally enough--or as normal as it gets--with Sailor Moon. The show, that is, not the character. Besides Serena/Usagi, the red one, the blue one, and Molly/Naru wondering why she couldn't be a Sailor Senshi, it also included the weird freezing monster from episode 7, and the Borg-haired teacher from Alien 9 played a large role. Lots of flying around (???) and fighting on the roof. Decent enough, but weird, you know? At least Tuxedo Mask/Kamen wasn't in this one.

This evolved into something more sinister, first with build-your-own dinosaurs and me locking myself in the shower all night instead of going to some important political meeting. Then there was a big hole in the ground that I was helping some miniature hobbits (think LotR monopoly pieces) investigate. Of course there were goo monsters, and meanwhile we had to keep people from kidnapping the rabbit people and finding out about the dinosaurs. Then it started snowing, and we had to fight off a Big Bad Monster of some sort or be killed. With the help of mini-Aragorn (he apparently shrank with the hobbits), it was over pretty quickly.

Exploring the mysterious hole led to a kind of cliff overlooking the ocean. We only had two packets of candy left, so we organized a tournament in two parts, to decide who got what--one half was to be held on the beach. At first there were very few people, so I thought it would be easy to win, but more and more kept arriving through the whole and I wanted to back out. I started to eat the chocolate I was going to fight with, because it had melted, but inside the wrapper was a note of some sort saying 'Your time is up; come with me" or something like that. My immediate reaction, not sure why, was that it meant I was going to die soon, so when I was approached by a cold-looking guy in a grey suit I started spouting all this stuff about "No, I won't come with you! I know who you are!" Pretty stupid, but it sort of worked, since he decided to explain himself to me. It turned out he was the local pantheon's god of death. But for the full story, I had to come with him to his undersea kingdom. After making him promise to bring me back alive, I went with him...

While I was there--breathing water feels really weird, by the way--he told me that I was going to die in 2024, not now. 0.0 I didn't actually do the math until I woke up, so my immediate reaction was "Nooooo! I'm gonna die in 5 years! I had so much left to do!" Then we went through something like the True Love discussion at Miracle Max's, and I ended up somewhat convincing him that since I had so much I still wanted to do, we should make a deal so I could live longer. I think my suggestion had something to do with having lots of kids, which kinda fit into my life plan already, and would eventually benefit him as well...

Then he took me back to the beach, which had become a swimming pool with grey and black tile, fought off some shark-boys that were damaging his communication equipment, and set about trying to find me a date. Given the guy's lack of charisma, though, and the fact that the guy he was talking to was already going out with me, that was a bit weird.

Fastforward about a year, I think, and for some reason everyone was on a trip to Disneyland. At this point the death god's giant demon enemies caught up with me, while the death god himself was dispensing relationship advice to everyone who looked like they didn't need it. I managed to escape (back under the sea) and got the death god's magenta-and-black-clad aunts and little sister to help me build a barricade and open a portal for me to somewhere safer. Either they guy had told his family that he really liked me, or I was very persuasive. Maybe both. But at that instant, just as the portal was about to open, the demon horde broke through the gates...

And I woke up, went "dang, that was weeeeeeird," and went off to write in my blog about it.

It did occur to me, though, as I thought about it, that it seems like most ancient cultures had a designated god of death, usually at least a little sympathetic, mostly in a "dude, it's just my job" kind of way. Generally Christianity (and I suppose Judaism, and probably Islam as well since they have similar roots) doesn't have anything of the sort. Just "be good and go to Heaven, or be bad and go to Hell with the Devil". Which is kinda sad, when you think about it. I mean, putting the one creature that really wants to destroy them completely in charge of the Bad Place? Whose idea was it to give him so much power, anyway? I can kind of see where it would have come from, but the idea that bad people get punished and bad powerful beings go free really doesn't make a lot of sense, if you accept the concept (necessary to the idea of a singly heaven and a single hell) that there is a universal standard of justice. It's just crazy. I wonder if that's where a lot of the fear of death in our society comes from--I mean, almost everyone belongs to some version of those three related religions. There are exceptions and atheists, but for the most part everyone has at least been told about Hell, even if they don't totally believe in it. And since no one's perfect, and I'm sure most people evaluate themselves this way, I suspect there's an underlying suppressed belief that they'll all go to Hell even if they try their hardest...

Makes me glad I'm LDS. Anyway, off to do Welsh homework now!



Bleach Comic #4

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Regular comic--the non-Bleach one, that is--will be up Saturday. Possibly every saturday, if I can stick with it. Yayz.

Bleach Comic #3

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