Happy Halloween (from the three of us!)

Our WoW-time hasn't been so much busy as boring lately--we haven't even been playing much, though we at least got the in-game Halloween stuff done. That Troll of mine is level 80 and re-named (finally!), Jon's been working on leveling a Troll Shaman (hmm, I sense a theme here), and we've been missing most of the guild's raids in order to spend more time together and with family in real life.

After all, real life is where the real excitement is right now: I felt the baby move for the first time yesterday!

I was lying on my back after taking a nap, I woke up with a funny feeling in my belly and wondered if I would be able to feel the baby (I'd been trying for a couple weeks, but the little one was still, well, little) so I put my hands down there for a minute, and tried to get a feel for anything that wasn't just my own pulse. I held very still, and I did feel something, a gentle little bump against my hand and a light fluttery feeling on the inside! I felt the same thing a couple other times, and a few times without my hand over the exact spot, but I still wasn't totally convinced. After all, I'd been wanting to feel the baby move for a while now, I could be just imagining it. I texted Jon at work that I thought I'd felt the baby move, then called my mom for her advice. (She'd never felt the baby as early as 16 weeks, though, so that just made me more confused. :P)

This afternoon, though, I felt the bumping again...and I guess the baby was getting a little antsy and feeling like I was ignoring him/her, because it was even stronger and there was definitely no mistaking it this time! I already knew I had a wiggly little guy in there, I guess now he/she is letting me know that they want to play soccer when they get a little older? ;)

And speaking of he-or-she, only a little while now until we know for sure...hopefully. We've got an ultrasound scheduled for Monday morning, and either Jon or I will be posting the new pictures and letting you guys know when we know for sure--so if you want to make a prediction, now's the time!

I know Katie thinks it's a boy from the craving I've had for steak, and Jon's mom thinks so too (though I can't remember what her reason was). Naajaku from our guild asked about spicy foods (Thai yes, Mexican no) and then proclaimed it to be a boy as well.

No one's predicted a girl yet, but there's evidence on that side, too--I was apparently just as squirmy when my mom was pregnant with me (though I certainly didn't kick so hard), and not only are the oldest kids in Jon and my families female, all of his siblings that have had kids so far had girls first.

What do you think it will be? Vote in the poll on the right if you want to guess, and let me know why you think so in the comments! :D

Five things I love today!

5. "Kid food." I'm not sure how to describe this other than as that category of foods that even a picky third-grader will be happy to eat. PB&J sandwiches, carrot sticks, apples, cheese sticks, strawberry-kiwi juice, and cold cereal. I went really nuts with the sandwiches (like I said in the comments on my last post) and we're out of bread now. T_T

4. This seahorse plushie toy. It's just adorable! Someone on the What To Expect message boards had a picture of one in her signature, and when I found it at the store it was just as cute in person. Actually, I'm more in love with the pink version, so I'm waiting until we find out the baby's gender to pick one up. And if it's a girl, I found this pink seahorse bedding while trying to find a picture. Hmm... ;)

3. The ladies on the What To Expect message board for April 2010. It's so nice to be able to talk to women who are going through the same part of pregnancy that I am, and they're all super-friendly and nice. I think most of us are past the panicking every other minute stage, so it's fairly relaxing now, too.

2. Cute maternity clothes. I've been checking out a bunch online and I'm feeling a bit more positive about when I'll eventually have to switch over from my normal clothes. (I'm not showing quite yet.) Also this seems like it will be very useful. I'm actually a little bit excited for maternity wear now that I know I won't be a shapeless blob hiding in my apartment all day. (I'll be a shapely blob hiding in my apartment all day. I want my energy back!)

1. My wonderful husband, of course! Jon still thinks I'm beautiful no matter how ugly and bloated and queasy I feel, he's patient with me even if I don't have the energy to get out of bed until lunchtime and end up making mac 'n' cheese for dinner again, and he loves me even when I get one of my crazy mood swings and snap at him for no reason. He's just as excited about the little one as I am, and already talks to it sometimes (though I'm pretty sure that at 13wks he/she is still too young to pay much attention). I love this man so much!


Well, good.

The Guppy is happy, healthy, and a little squirmy. (He/she even waved at us for the ultrasound!) Made the doctors work to get the view they wanted. Here are some of the more choice pictures.

The first one, I think, makes the Guppy look like Skeletor:

The second picture is a nice cute profile view that affords an excellent view of the Guppy's brain and spine. This is the view they were trying to get--it took nearly an hour until the baby squirmed into the right position. Looks good to me!

The third picture, near as we can tell, is an overhead shot. Maybe? I don't know, but once again, a good view of the Guppy. Some of the other pictures that weren't printed out had good shots of the arms, legs, etc so we know that the Guppy is well-formed.


What a night!

Tuesdays are raid nights, specifically 25-mans. I've been really pumped for raiding this week, since thanks to an enchanter guildie coming along for several runs of regular Trial of the Champion, I finally have my pretty, pretty axe enchanted with Berserking. (Yay!)

Anyway, it was a pretty crazy night. We started out with Onyxia, nearly wiped when about a third of the raid got DC'd by whelps and hit by Deep Breath (I think that's her special combo attack), and somehow managed to one-shot her anyway. Jon ended up tanking in phase three after Ony tore through the rest of the tanks (he was assigned to whelps, but luckily we didn't get any after she landed) while I switched over to using my Maelstrom Weapon procs for Chain Heals and doing as much damage as I could at the same time. It was crazy, fun, and I did die twice, but it was totally worth it to see the look on Jon's face when the Sharpened Obsidian Edged Blade dropped. He's been crazy about that model since forever, he says, and it was a huge improvement over his current weapon. He was a little nervous (running-into-walls panicky) because one of the newer raiders had higher loot priority, but it turned out the guy didn't have the minimum EP required to roll on loot, and so Jon won the sword and had it enchanted almost immediately. Grats!

25-man ToC was next, and since we had a few people who hadn't been in there before, it did take a couple wipes before we got the Beasts encounter down. (I love that Icehowl is skinnable!) The rest of the raid was much smoother--we one-shotted Jaraxxus and I got to upgrade my necklace to a shiny new ilevel 245 one with no yucky Armor Penetration on it. (Of course, I spent most of that fight face-down on the floor with the rogues, as someone didn't think to move his Legion Flames away from us.) Faction Champions we also got down in one attempt, though a very long one (time for two Bloodlusts /shame), and Twin Val'kyr took two. Anub'arak we one-shotted, and a couple mail pieces dropped--a sidegrade belt that I passed on, and some sexy pants with Armor Penetration. I did think about rolling on them (I still had high priority since the necklace was cheap) but we had a couple Hunters in the raid, and there's got to be someone similar without the ArPen for me, right?

We finished up with VoA, and there's not much to say about that, except...


It dropped off Koralon, and somehow I rolled 100 (which has happened maybe once before in my entire time of playing WoW) and no one else did even though I was sure they would and I had my fingers crossed under the desk and I won it!

The raid leader offered to buy it from me, but by that point I'd already used it and was babbling excitedly to Jon about how I'd always wanted a passenger mount and how I couldn't wait to get outside and use it. I'll admit that the rest of the raid was kind of a blur...

(I wouldn't have sold it anyway, though. I've seen the mount drop only twice, and there's no way I'd ever win it again. You just can't give up that kind of opportunity, and besides, now I can give my friends' lowbie toons rides when I run them through stuff!)

I also managed to finally get up to Revered with the Knights of the Ebon Blade (though that wasn't a raid drop, so it doesn't quite fit this post) before crawling into bed and falling asleep. It was a good night. :D