Five things I love today!

5. "Kid food." I'm not sure how to describe this other than as that category of foods that even a picky third-grader will be happy to eat. PB&J sandwiches, carrot sticks, apples, cheese sticks, strawberry-kiwi juice, and cold cereal. I went really nuts with the sandwiches (like I said in the comments on my last post) and we're out of bread now. T_T

4. This seahorse plushie toy. It's just adorable! Someone on the What To Expect message boards had a picture of one in her signature, and when I found it at the store it was just as cute in person. Actually, I'm more in love with the pink version, so I'm waiting until we find out the baby's gender to pick one up. And if it's a girl, I found this pink seahorse bedding while trying to find a picture. Hmm... ;)

3. The ladies on the What To Expect message board for April 2010. It's so nice to be able to talk to women who are going through the same part of pregnancy that I am, and they're all super-friendly and nice. I think most of us are past the panicking every other minute stage, so it's fairly relaxing now, too.

2. Cute maternity clothes. I've been checking out a bunch online and I'm feeling a bit more positive about when I'll eventually have to switch over from my normal clothes. (I'm not showing quite yet.) Also this seems like it will be very useful. I'm actually a little bit excited for maternity wear now that I know I won't be a shapeless blob hiding in my apartment all day. (I'll be a shapely blob hiding in my apartment all day. I want my energy back!)

1. My wonderful husband, of course! Jon still thinks I'm beautiful no matter how ugly and bloated and queasy I feel, he's patient with me even if I don't have the energy to get out of bed until lunchtime and end up making mac 'n' cheese for dinner again, and he loves me even when I get one of my crazy mood swings and snap at him for no reason. He's just as excited about the little one as I am, and already talks to it sometimes (though I'm pretty sure that at 13wks he/she is still too young to pay much attention). I love this man so much!


Katie said...

Yeah, maternity clothes actually aren't too bad and they're pretty comfortable. I'm going to give some to Cindy, to bring to you.
My favorite food when I'm pregnant is Jamba Juice. Yum! Kid food is good too when your appetite just isn't quite the same!
We can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl!
Our little guy is only 4 days old and even though it is a lot of work, it is worth ALL of it!

Cushfamily said...

You are in luck, because Katie has really cute maternity clothes!

And....kid food is good all the time...good to hear you are feeling a bit better!

Kate said...

Thanks Katie! You know I love your style. xD (And Zachary is sooo cute! I can't believe how much hair he has, even I didn't have that much when I was born and I was pretty darn hairy. He's going to make all the girls jealous when he gets older! ;) )