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Summer Is Over

It's not as hot as it was a week ago, and the mountains are starting to turn even browner than usual. I was late to class this morning after picking up my textbooks; there are so many more people here than I'm used to, and it feels really strange. I now have everything I need for Fall Semester, except for pencils and a binder. Daphne's leaving this week, too, so pretty soon I'll be moving upstairs. (I won't be able to tell people I live in my grandmother's basement anymore.)

We had class for about three hours--an hour of discussing the text, and then two of watching Masada. It was, really truly, the most ridiculous movie I have ever seen. It was funny, but it wasn't supposed to be--we all kept laughing at innoportune moments, not only because it's incredibly inaccurate, but because of unexpected similarities to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Srsly.

Here are just a few:

-After the Roman commander is injured, he's lying in bed trying to discuss strategy with his officers....they keep being interrupted by these guys wearing sheets (I think they're supposed to be mystics of some sort), singing loudly. He is, of course, quite irritated. Unfortunately, they didn't get eaten later, though they do show up repeatedly.

-A rebel leader is captured and paraded through the streets of a town in a large wooden cage. Several village women start poking him and exclaiming "That's the bandit! Let's kill him!" But how do you know he's a bandit?

-When the Romans arrive at Masada, the defenders catapult large, tan, cow-sized rocks at them. This part is especially funny because of the similarity of the angle...

-They also line up along the top of the walls taunting the Romans.

-The architect of the siege tower is working when, out of nowhere, he is struck by an arrow. (No note attatched to it, though.)

-When the Romans finally finish their siege tower and start rolling it out, it somehow manages to look wonderfully similar to the large wooden rabbit. It's awesome.

And the best line in the whole movie? "You stupid bastards!" delivered by a Roman with what sounds like a British accent. (I'm sure YouTube must have a clip of that one.) It was so completely unexpected, and really out of character....hilarious.

After we finished, Dr. H took the whole class out to lunch at this little hot dog stand called J-Dawgs. Best. Place. Evar! Not only were the hot dogs themselves delicious (I had a Polish sausage), the buns were bread, like Subway buns only real, and they had this awesome special sauce that's like the best barbecue sauce ever. And all kinds of other toppings, though I just had onions. And did I mention that they had apple beer? YUM.

We made our own way back to class; I got there around 12:45 and started the final immediately. It was a compare/contrast of the movie and book, so not too hard...I finished at 1:30, right when we were scheduled to start. I doubt anyone really took until 4:30, but in any case I was the first person done. I handed in my blue book, shook Dr. H's hand, and left.

So, it's nearly over. No more class--I really will miss it, we totally bonded as a group and Dr. H is teh awesome--and all that's left of Late Summer Honors is a dance tonight. I wasn't going to go, but Sarah (from class) says she'll give me a ride home afterwards so I'll stick around and have some fun. Great end to a great summer, or at least I hope it will be.

And after a bit of exploring, I've found my quiet place. The lobby of the Science building (you know, with the giant pendulum) has tons of comfy benches, good lighting, and not too many wireless internet that doesn't keep fading, unlike the basement of the Wilkinson center. There was also an ad up for a student-operated restaurant that serves lunch there, at a fairly reasonable price, so I might just be spending lunch there too on the days I stay on campus. It's just such a nice, peaceful place, and of course it has tons of neat exhibits...giant quartz crystals, optical illusions, a sewer-pipe's definitely my favorite spot on campus. I spent a few hours there this afternoon, just reading webcomics and checking the map to make sure I know where my classes are. They're mainly in the southwestern section of campus, so I shouldn't have any long hikes between classes...and that's the area I know best anyway.

New Student Orientation starts tomorrow. It should be interesting, if not especially helpful.

I wonder which House I'll be in?


Crazy Utah Drivers

On the way to class on Monday, I am nearly run over by a garbage truck. The trip home, however, is uneventful and I begin to disregard the rumors.

On the way to class this morning, I am more careful. I keep to the bike lane wherever possible, look both ways before turning, clearly signal my intent, and manage not to be startled off my bike when some large dark vehicle roars past with a shout of "Go Cougars!" (I'm wearing my Fully Invested t-shirt, nifty design for $5 from the BYU bookstore. You know you want one too.)

I'm at an intersection about halfway to school, in the left turn lane, when a maroon car pulls up behind me. We have a nice long wait before the light changes, and when it finally does, it's the right turn lane and the straight lane that apparently get to go first. At least, the light for the left turn lane isn't green. I don't know much about the rules of the road, but I think it's safe to assume that if the light isn't green, you stay put. Right?

Wrong, apparently. The diver behind me leans on the horn and starts rolling forward ominously. I take the hint and skedaddle, taking the turn in record time. I make it onto the sidewalk (no way I'm staying on the road with that thing behind me) just as the car whooshes past. Relief.

On the way home today, I somehow end up in the right turn lane when I mean to go straight. I scoot over to the other lane, ignoring the stares from the drivers behind me. (It's kind of hard to move a bike sideways without dismounting.)

I am one of them now.

Green means Go.
Red means Stop.
Yellow is peaches
with cream on top.

Hence The Title

Because I feel like explaining myself. Don't get used to it.

A week ago:

Grandma's been nagging me about my eating habits (apparently a bowl of Froot Loops isn't healthy enough, even when I actually drink the milk) and saying that I need to eat more regularly, with lots of protein. Well, fine. But I don't really care all that much...and the idea of crab casserole and all those other weird dishes just doesn't appeal to me.

So, on the way home from entrance counseling, I stop by Day's Market to mail off a package, and pick up a Naked juice. Normally I get Mighty Mango, but since Grandma has been on my case I decide to go for the Protein smoothie instead. After all, it looks tasty enough--the creamy color makes me think of bananas, and I can't wait to try it. I head through the checkout, step outside into the blistering heat, and gulp down about a third of the smoothie.

It's terrible.

It has next to no flavor, but that's not the problem. There's this grainy, gritty texture to it, and it leaves my mouth feeling cottony-dry. It really is like drinking lint. Shaking the bottle up does not improve matters--aparently the grit is evenly distributed already. Apparently this is what a protein supplement is like. No wonder people loose weight on those diets--I can't imagine anyone drinking much of this stuff voluntarily. But... I did pay over $3 for the bottle, and I know that dinner is going to be weird, old-people food again. I might as well fill up now. So I finish it, swallowing quickly and hoping it's as good for me as the bottle claims.

Dinner is delicious.