Crazy Utah Drivers

On the way to class on Monday, I am nearly run over by a garbage truck. The trip home, however, is uneventful and I begin to disregard the rumors.

On the way to class this morning, I am more careful. I keep to the bike lane wherever possible, look both ways before turning, clearly signal my intent, and manage not to be startled off my bike when some large dark vehicle roars past with a shout of "Go Cougars!" (I'm wearing my Fully Invested t-shirt, nifty design for $5 from the BYU bookstore. You know you want one too.)

I'm at an intersection about halfway to school, in the left turn lane, when a maroon car pulls up behind me. We have a nice long wait before the light changes, and when it finally does, it's the right turn lane and the straight lane that apparently get to go first. At least, the light for the left turn lane isn't green. I don't know much about the rules of the road, but I think it's safe to assume that if the light isn't green, you stay put. Right?

Wrong, apparently. The diver behind me leans on the horn and starts rolling forward ominously. I take the hint and skedaddle, taking the turn in record time. I make it onto the sidewalk (no way I'm staying on the road with that thing behind me) just as the car whooshes past. Relief.

On the way home today, I somehow end up in the right turn lane when I mean to go straight. I scoot over to the other lane, ignoring the stares from the drivers behind me. (It's kind of hard to move a bike sideways without dismounting.)

I am one of them now.

Green means Go.
Red means Stop.
Yellow is peaches
with cream on top.

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Andy M-S said...

Green means go.

Red means stop.

Yellow means go very fast.