Hence The Title

Because I feel like explaining myself. Don't get used to it.

A week ago:

Grandma's been nagging me about my eating habits (apparently a bowl of Froot Loops isn't healthy enough, even when I actually drink the milk) and saying that I need to eat more regularly, with lots of protein. Well, fine. But I don't really care all that much...and the idea of crab casserole and all those other weird dishes just doesn't appeal to me.

So, on the way home from entrance counseling, I stop by Day's Market to mail off a package, and pick up a Naked juice. Normally I get Mighty Mango, but since Grandma has been on my case I decide to go for the Protein smoothie instead. After all, it looks tasty enough--the creamy color makes me think of bananas, and I can't wait to try it. I head through the checkout, step outside into the blistering heat, and gulp down about a third of the smoothie.

It's terrible.

It has next to no flavor, but that's not the problem. There's this grainy, gritty texture to it, and it leaves my mouth feeling cottony-dry. It really is like drinking lint. Shaking the bottle up does not improve matters--aparently the grit is evenly distributed already. Apparently this is what a protein supplement is like. No wonder people loose weight on those diets--I can't imagine anyone drinking much of this stuff voluntarily. But... I did pay over $3 for the bottle, and I know that dinner is going to be weird, old-people food again. I might as well fill up now. So I finish it, swallowing quickly and hoping it's as good for me as the bottle claims.

Dinner is delicious.

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