All I want for Christmas...

Okay, I'm a little homesick. Not so much for home, as family... (I miss you guys!)

I'm really glad I'll be able to come home for Christmas, even if it's just for a little while. Especially since I'm not even really going to be spending Thanksgiving with family (again). Grandma's going to be out of town and an aunt I barely know and a couple of annoying cousins doesn't count.

I miss my real family.

So, this combined with the watching of large amounts of anime has made me decide that there's one thing we really need. At the very least, it would be awesome and warm, and a lot less smoky than the fireplace.

I want a kotatsu.

Maybe not this year, since I won't exactly have time to make my own once I get out there, but maybe next year when we're all here. It seems simple enough, and I think it would be really nice. =)

Come on, guys, comments?


Andy M-S said...

Hmmm. We could make one, but you'd have to keep the boys from kicking one another under the table...

Kate said...


*puppy eyes*