And more oddness. Plus, things I want to buy, but won't.

Two things:

First, I just started watching Ouran High School Host Club, and I feel like I already know the main character...for one thing, give it a few more days and I really will look just like she does in the first episode. All I need is clothing slightly worse than what I'm wearing now. No joke. (But hey, think of the excellent cosplay opportunities...)

Here's a picture, just so you can see for yourself. The hair and glasses, and lack of expression, they are me.

Second. The following isn't so much a Christmas wish list or anything, as a list of nifty things I kinda want, but am probably not going to be buying for myself. Mainly because I've already completely covered my walls (and most of the celing) with posters, Bleach and otherwise, along with a good part of the ceiling. Items are in no particular order.

--Bunny plush. (Honey's, from Ouran High School Host Club.)

--Also, a Beelzenef hand puppet would be awesome. I know I've seen one somewhere. I'll add a link later.

--A Stardust movie poster. Even a little teeny one.

--Serenity paperback promo poster. I've seen one on ebay, but was stupid and didn't buy it. Go figure.

--Cute cycling tights. I know, I make fun of them all the time, but if I could find a cute floral pattern or something, it would look great with a denim miniskirt and wouldn't get caught on my'd be nice.

--Collapsible metal bike baskets. I saw someonw with these on her bike, and they are TEH AWESOME. They fold up against the rack when not in use. Nifty!

--Onigiri pendant necklace. (From Fruits Basket. Just a cute little necklace featuring Tohru's rice ball persona.)

--RED Fullmetal Alchemist hoodie. The black ones are easy to get, if a bit pricey, but the red ones are near impossible...and so dang awesome. If you've seen the show, you'll understand. Sarah Langreder has one. I have no idea where she got it.

--A pony and a plastic rocket.

--World peace.

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