Life Is Good

School's been going well so far, in that I've somehow managed to not fail out on the first day. Not that it's so bad I think I'm going to fail anything, even BoM, but it's a little early to be sure. =) Geology seems like it'll be fine, though I still have to buy the correct textbook for it... Book of Mormon is my worst so far but I've got some plans to take care of that. And Welsh, of course, is teh awesome. As for the others, well, Honors 150 is in an hour and American Heritage is at noon. The other honors course isn't until tomorrow.

To save my back, I've rented a locker in the Wilkinson Center. Yay lockers!

I don't have any friends yet, but I'm surviving.

Given my lack of social interaction, it's understandable that I spend my free time watching anime... currently I'm on episode 86 of Bleach, and loving it. I mean, the Bounto arc is mostly filler, but at least it centers around one of my favorite characters. Now Ishida just needs to get his Quincy powers back and I will be happy... Bleach, like Welsh, is teh awesome.

Speaking of Bleach, I had a really funny (as in weird) dream last night. I can't remember what it was about exactly, but I know I woke up about a dozen times and it involved Romans, Abarai Renji, and a tea party.

Yeah, seriously odd.

Anyway, I finally -really- woke up to my cell phone going off (I use it as an alarm clock) followed by the crash of thunder. We had some seriously scary weather this morning, I was almost ready to just email my instructors and tell them I couldn't make it...

I'm here now, though. Prayer really helps. Srsly.

Although the fact that you have to put an effort in (carrying an umbrella) before being able to expect intervention (no more rain) makes one look rather silly. XD

Anyway, life is good.

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