Crazy Days

Yesterday my first alarm went off at 7:00. I hit snooze, went back to sleep, and woke up at 10:02 to Grandma knocking on my door, already late for my first class. Somehow, my 8:00 alarm hadn't gone off...I think I probably set it wrong or something. Grandma claimed that this was "my decision" and refused to give me a ride so I could actually make it there before class ended. She also offered me pancakes.


So I tore out of the house less than ten minutes later, barely dressed (same stuff I slept in, plus pants and a hoodie) with truly awful hair, and managed to get halfway to school before snagging my pant leg on my grears. Lovely. At least it's a small tear, though I'll probably have to fix it before it gets any worse. Did I mention that I can't sew?

I arrived on campus at about 10:15, but as I reached the top of the large hill near the stadium a couple stopped me to ask for directions. Actually, I think he might have just been her last guide. She wanted to know how to get to Helaman Halls to visit a friend before she left--apparently she was from England, on "holiday", and was going home the next day. When a simple "thattaway" did not suffice, I offered to walk her the rest of the day. She looked pretty desperate...

So I got her to Helaman Halls, feeling rather generous, then hauled my butt over to the testing center (I have no idea why we have writing there, but it is) and arrived with ten minutes left in the class. Hooray. And did I mention that I hadn't done the reading yet?

Oh well. At least I got to help someone out. Maybe that's why I missed the second alarm.

Anyway, now I've got a ton of stuff coming due, all at once:

--American Heritage: Common Sense essay (I'm on page 15 of the book, with no writing done yet...luckily it's only 500-600 words.) Due 8:00 am tomorrow.
--Honors Writing: Draft of my critical analysis paper. The title may or may not be "Mrs Turpin's New Clothes". I have a previous version done, but I need to add a lot. Must be posted online by noon tomorrow.
--Book of Mormon: I get to organize the devotional on Tuesday. That means song, prayer, and scripture/thought. Should be fun though, I really like the class.
--Geology: "Application" papers, chapters 3 and 4. (Yeah, I forgot the one for today.) How are igneous rocks related to my daily life? And what about volcanoes? Tune in next Tuesday for an update...
--Welsh: Learn to speak Welsh. Must be complete by next Thursday or I get turned into a sheep.

Nahh, not really. The sheep part, anyway.

But I do need to start rolling my Rrrrs and spitting on people. Too bad we didn't have class yesterday on Talk Like A Pirate Day, eh?

Oh, and dairy-free mousse is HEAVEN. I'm telling ya, it's all about the tofu. And the chocolate. And the tofu-chocolate goodness. It's kind of like a bad fanfic, only it's good. Did I mention the chocolate?


What were we talking about?

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