Not in a good mood today, and I might have taken it out a little on Jon...at least he's feeling better now. :/ After he logged off for the night, I worked on finding a group for Scarlet Monastery (Library and Armory) and had a ton of fun the first time through. Hit 38, finally, and I'm about halfway to 39 now. Another few hours of questing and instances, and I'll be at 40 and can get my riding wolf...

The mage from the earlier group ran me through Armory and Cathedral on an alt, which was kinda fun--seems like even low level healers are useful to a 'lock. Got some good loot, and a dagger from the Library that was definitely an upgrade... my last run through the Armory would have been fun, but the server shut down so I guess I'll never know. (Me on heals plus two 40-something Ret pallies--good times.)

Anyway, in a much better mood now. Gonna get some sleep and then make breakfast. Leftover muffins, yay!

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