Another great WC run...

Went through Wailing Caverns yesterday before class without Jon--me, prot pally tank, shadow priest, rogue, and druid. Rogue disconnected right as we went in, so we four-manned it--well, two of us were female, but you know what I mean. They kept me stocked up on health and mana pots, and gave me plenty of milk when I ran out of melon juice, plus did an awesome job of keeping me alive so I could heal. Power Word: Shield FTW! Had voice chat on with the party, talking with the pally...priest got a bit annoying (talking about our "sexy voices"), and pally ignored him so he left before the last two bosses. Still, we tore through them in no time with pally tanking awesomely, druid in cat form, and me doing my crazy healing thing. AWESOME FUN!!

Told Jon about it and he wants us to get in on the pally's guild, which will be nice if we can get in contact with the leader--they've got a wide range of levels, too, which is awesome.

Ran through once with Jon's undead priest, trying to get the pants--no luck, so I went home and we tried again, with a group. Fair group, but not great--pally tank hadn't spent any talent points and didn't have the greatest gear, other pally was drinking and low level, mage (I think?) did a fair job but was low level so needed a lot of healing, and Jon did good dps so no complaints there. The healing really took it out of me, though, and I ended up entering that state of mind in which I look at my health bar and think, "Okay, I can take a health pot and keep myself alive, or I can take a mana potion and get a few more heals on the tank before I die," and I pick mana. Luckily the spare pally healed me in time so I could keep going--another reason I love grouping with pallies! Did the murloc with this group, didn't get anything amazing though and it was just crazy trying to keep everyone alive (by the end, the second mage had left, which made healing easier but the fights took longer).

Got a green staff with +15 healing that I'm using instead of the Living Root now; I realize that it's got lower damage but that doesn't matter so much as I shouldn't be dealing too much, and although there's no spirit on it (which lowers my mana regen by 6), the increased healing (which I view as increased mana efficiency) totally makes up for it. For now, at least.

Ran through three more times with just Jon and me, trying to get the stuff I needed--last time was great; not only did the pants FINALLY drop, I picked up two Gloves of the Fang (which are bind on equip, and can therefore be auctioned off!) and the Seedcloud Buckler which I also had been wanting.

Of course, by this point it was 3 am...

Still, awesome! And we're not gonna be running WC again, I can tell you that...heh. Gonna start in on Shadowfang Keep as soon as I get my water totem quest completed; that'll be fun.

I need more mana potions.

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