(So I haven't hit 47 yet.... I'm close, aaaand I'm only 50 rep from being Revered with Thunder Bluff. Without having done the cloth turn-ins yet. Riding Kodo, here I come!)

Anyway, I've all of a sudden had about a zillion ideas for WoW-related comics hit my brain.... finally! I'll be doing my best to get something drawn up tomorrow and posted, even if it's only a sketch. I have that scanner for a reason, dangit!

Possible script, in two parts...

Mom: Guess what, dear? I decided to try your cooking game!
Gamer: What??
Mom: That's right, World of Crafts! I already have five new recipes.
Gamer: ...
Mom: The bad frog people tried to take my ingredients. *eyetwitch*
Gamer: I see you, uh, gained a level....

Gamer: (Is in a raid)
Mom: I made you supper, dear! It's a new recipe. *offers bowl of soup, spoon, etc*
Gamer: Mmm, thanks!
Gamer: ...
Gamer: What's this called again?
Mom: Westfall Stew. It's from your game, so you like it, right?
Gamer: *spew*

Gamer: WTH?? Where the $%&@ did you get murloc eyes?!?
Mom: A good cook knows how to keep her secrets!
Gamer: ...just tell me. Seriously.
Mom: Oh, and that purple bar at the bottom of the screen went away. Does that mean I win the game?

I can see this developing into a regular storyline about the mother discovering the game...wanting her own guild, maybe, and beginning to raid....hehe. Yes, I like it. I think that's what I'll do, yes preciousss....

Ah--a couple of references. First, I'm pretty sure the whole mom-wants-to-play thing was directly inspired by darqueblueknight's awesome story, which you can read here. Second, if you want the real recipe for Westfall Stew, here it is. Please do not attempt to make it in the real world!

Also, this guy's machinima is awesome. Go watch it. There's even a serious one at the bottom of the Movies page!

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