Fun with Hunters. :)

Spent a lot of today running around with Fogol and another hunter--Jeriaus--in Azshara, working on their hunter quests. (Fogz is on the turquoise raptor, Jeri on the green one.) Quite fun, and I got to level skinning--I'm at around 290 right now, I think. Afterwards, Jeriaus and I headed to UnGoro Crater for some questing... while we were there, we came across the biggest raptor-y thing I have ever seen. This thing was...MASSIVE.

And of course we had to hunt it down and kill it.

It was big enough that we could hide inside from passing Alliance...not that we did, but it might have been fun. :)

Anyway, did a Sunken Temple run with Jon later that went quite well, once we figured out how to tell him apart from the Blood Elf rogue--here are some shots of our little dance party (held while Jeri was off getting some ammo).

Not quite as wild as last night's drunken festivities atop the Orgrimmar Bank (don't worry, I'll post those pics soon!) but it was a good run, and I was very much right about Jon getting along with Jeri. Now we just need to find a mage or something that we all get along with, and we will have a very nice little group for any 5-mans we decide to try...

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