A poxy on all broadband internet providers!

The cursed fiends cannot for the life of them settle on a single price. I ask Qwest, they say $39.99. A reasonable price, I should think, I say to myself. But by the end of things, it's up to $45 a month. So I check with Comcast. $42.95. Well, a little better, and I'm used to dealing with them. So be it, says I. Then all of a sudden they're asking about the service I have, and Kate and I don't use much in the way of TV, when suddenly they're looking at a price that's over $50 each month. I decline the offer. Qwest it is, but for heavens sakes I wish someone would charge what they say they would.
At least we'll only be a few days without internet in our new apartment. Hopefully barbarism will not overtake us.

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