Moving Day!

...of course the banks are closed, which we forgot about, so Jon and his mom are running around trying to scrape together enough cash from all our checking accounts (yay ATMs!) for rent and the deposit. It's really annoying---we have the money in our bank account, but we have no access to it, thanks to the bank never ordering our debit cards (which they promised they would about four weeks ago <.<). Hopefully we can find a decent local bank, but I somewhat doubt it.

We're getting internet on Thursday, at which point we'll also renew my subscription (expired Monday) so I can play again, and we'll have Jon's computer set up by then too... we may be able to actually start running Heroics and getting prepared to raid by the end of the week! (It has been waaaay too long.)

Until we get Jon's computer up and running, though, I'm probably going to be working on my baby belfadin Aristane if I play at all. Here's a pic of her with another pally who could easily be her brother. I've actually been questing with him a fair bit though I'm sure he'll be like level 40 by the time I get back online. >.<

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