Huntery Frustrations

If I have to explain to a certain hunter one more time that the hit cap is 8% not 11% and no, Expertise is not a helpful stat for us, I think I will go mad.

Other than that, things are going well--I got Izsera hitcapped without too much trouble, and have been doing much better DPS since I upgraded several pieces of gear. Tried Survival and hated it, so I'm sticking with BM for now, though I need to level another pet in place of my wolf since his howl ability isn't too useful when there are pallies and warriors around. No sign of King Krush yet and I've heard Devilsaurs have serious hitbox issues, so I'm looking at maybe a cat from Winterspring, there are a couple of skins there that I actually like. I did tame a wasp but I'm not too fond of it, so I won't be leveling it if I can help it...

Ran Heroic Culling of Stratholme last night and got Jon the bronze drake mount, I'll have to have him post a screenshot when he gets home. :)

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