I want my computer back!

Okay, so I'll have it back in a few minutes, but it feels weird just letting Jon use it. (It is my preciousss...) He's writing something, probably awesome, for this blog so I guess I can try to be patient.

He doesn't like me peeking over his shoulder though. So I am trying to be patient and keep away. It looks t be something based on a weird conversation we had a few days ago, though, involving My Little Ponies and the Burning Legion.


There's a tiny little link to me at the bottom of this post and I don't know whyyyy. Or what segment of hunterness he is saying I represent, or anything. Jon finds my panic amusing. <.<

Oooh, Jon says he's almost done! I'm gonna go read his post now.....

EDIT -- it's right under this post, cause he started before I did even though I finished first. That, uh, makes sense....

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