All moved in...

...but no internet yet, I'm at Jon's parents' house right now. I can't wait, it gets kind of boring during the day and I am running out of books to read.

The kitchen is wonderful and the bathroom is neat, but I lack living room furniture so it's still a mess. It shall be clean for my birthday tomorrow, however.

According to BRK it looks like Beast mastery hunters may not be as bad off as previously thought, so maybe I'll get to tame my devilsaur after all. Rawr!


Katie said...

If you're bored, maybe you could get a part time job during the day!!! Then you could save up to get a new car. I think that Jon's old white beauty is on it's last leg!

Andy M-S said...

Seconded, though if you and Jon can get around on public transit for a while, you can put the money from a PT job away and do even better.

I long for the days before I was owned by a car. No payments; no gas; no insurance. Just me and the bus (or El).