Because making up a word is totally okay. :)

I was looking at everyone's blogs today and realizing (first) that I should probably have links to all of the stuff I read, and (second) that mine is terribly, terribly plain. So, I'm gonna work on making this place a little less boring to look at; we'll see how that goes.

Any advice?


Katie said...

Do you guys have a digital camera?! You should put some pictures of you and Jon. You could even get one off of your wedding CD or put one of your cute engagement pictures on there. They were really cute! Also, I get my backgrounds off of There are hundreds of backgrounds to choose from and they are free! So you can change the background as often as you like. It is kind of fun. If you want help figuring out how to do it, call me and I can walk you throught it. It is easy and only takes a minute or two! Good luck and I'll have to check back in later to see the progress!

Andy M-S said...

I like the new picture. And experience as RPG? You ain't seen nothing yet! Try making a total career change...