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This post, I'm afraid, is going to be a bit scattered. The training at T-mobile is going well, much more interesting now that we're past the stuff that Kate so delightfully described as "induction into the hive mind." (Those unfamiliar with the term, look up the Borg.) In the exercises today we took some practice calls from other people who were training in the same room. We all have phones at our desks, so we just dialed the extension from someone across the room and made up a problem for our account. Having worked in a call center before helped a lot. Some of the other people who hadn't were talking about freezing up during the calls, and some of them I could really tell were struggling, but it went pretty smoothly for me when I was talking. My dad a while back said I sound much more confident on the phone, my response was that it's pretty much an act. A good one though; I do have practice, after all.

Anyway, as my lovely wife already posted before, we have an apartment. Right now I'm busy pondering who to use for high-speed internet, Comcast's affrontery will not go unpunished, no, so I'm looking into Qwest and seeing what other options are available around here. Maybe I'll ask, best not go crazy there.

On a side note, just when I thought I'd been getting over the effects of withdrawl from sudden denial of WoW, the prospect of once again having our own place is once again causing the symptoms to return. Well at least I've got something to look forward to when we return, a good guild (still intact, that's a first for me) and I've always got the claim to fame that I was the first Death Knight in the guild up to 80 (the one who beat me before left the guild shortly after his final ding, so he doesn't count, hee hee.)

Regarding the Death Knight in general, I hope that dual wielding DPS works out as well as I hope it does for me, I've always been quite enamored of that. Not enough to level a rogue, of course, heavens no, I do have some self-respect after all. Another side note is that making an especially witty remark is a bit frustrating when the knowledge that nobody who'll read it will understand it hits right afterward. Ah well, I think I'll stop for now. Thank you for reading, and congratulations if you made it this far.

Kate-edit: added paragraph breaks. <.<

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Hey Jon I'm glad things are going well at T mobile I have to say I take some credit for your skills in the call center ha ha. Katie and I are excited to see the house next time we are down there have a great day.