Gold Spammers

If there's one thing that annoys me more than gold sellers advertising their virtual wares in Trade Chat, it's when I have to put up with the same kind of crap in real life, thanks to the stupid radio ads. The fact that its real gold they're trying to sell doesn't make it better; it's just as annoying and twice as stupid, especially when there are three nearly identical ads played back to back.

Can you spend gold?


Can you eat gold?


Can you plant it and let it grow?


Can you use gold to create useful tools and objects?

Generally, no.

Gold is WORTHLESS. Unless you are actually going to use it to create something (like jewelry, where the value is more in the craftsmanship than the raw materials), there is NO REASON to buy gold. You might as well have a pile of rocks for all the good it would do you. All the gold-sellers' claims that the economy is in trouble and gold is "safe"? Think about it. If you only have a little money left, what are you going to spend it on? Food and other basic needs, or useless rocks? And if you are the one selling items with actual value, which are you more likely to want in payment, useless rocks that are not accepted as currency, or money that everyone at least accepts as having value?

The only people getting any benefit from this whole "invest in gold!!!" thing are the people SELLING the gold in the first place. They get to trade their useless rocks for real money. Now that's a good investment.

/rant mode off


Andy M-S said...

Actually, gold has some utility in the electronics industry, in that it conducts almost(but not quite) as well as silver (an excellent conductor) but does not tarnish, which means it works very well in relays, signal connections, and anything else that needs to have a solid, but removable, contact.

Other than that, though, I agree--it's pretty much a useless thing. But it's a well-tracked useless thing, which means that at times like these everyone wants to own some. Or sell some to you :-).

Kate said...

hmmm, a legitimate point. Still, it's not really a good reason to hoard gold. <.<

I just hope there aren't really any people out there who believe those stupid ads.

oh, just heard another fun one, not for gold though--"our pills have 100x the concentration of these other ones, try them for 30 days risk free!" I'm pretty sure that's only financial risk they're talking about, not health risks... 0.o

Andy M-S said...

OH. OH. Maybe they're super-strength homeopathic medicines! See

Kate said...

Eeeeeeeew! Now that would be unpleasant. :(