okay, starting with last night:

it seems like the Myers family Christmas traditions aren't -too- different than what I grew up with. We did a little pageant (of course there were enough people to even have some animals, but I don't think we had a Herod), and sang songs, and opened one present each (although we didn't get to pick), which is pretty much what I'm used to. The present each family got was an olive wood nativity, it's beautiful and just what we needed since Jon and I didn't have a nativity set yet. We gave Jon's parents their presents (slippers and Set) and played a bit of set before going to bed. Jon slept like a baby but I just couldn't fall asleep. That's been happening a lot lately though, I think because of stress, not because I was excited about Christmas of course.

((Edited to add the photo--thanks, Katie!))

Jon and I got up around 5 because I was terribly, terribly bored (I pretty much spent all night trying to sleep, giving up on that, drawing little donuts on the computer, and trying to go back to sleep), and we got online for a little bit to open up christmas presents in our online games. (My hunter has all 4 winter minipets now, 8 more til I have enough to get the skunk pet, which now that I think about it is really kind of a weird prize...)

We opened presents at 7:30 (David and Sarah came over too), all the little kids were having a ton of fun. Alex seemed very interested in my white chocolates, maybe because the wrappers were shiny--I gave him one but it was too big to bite so he just gnawed on it until Jaymie told him he couldn't have any more candy (at which point he stuffed the whole thing into his mouth and tried to escape. It didn't work.) Jon's mom and dad gave him a shirt and cologne, and gave me driving lessons (which will be great!) and a My Little Pony I didn't have (eyeshadow/henna Scootaloo) which I totally was not expecting! I actually had spotted it when I was helping move stuff around upstairs, but I figured it was for one for the little girls. =D I think they know me better than I give them credit for.

Jon and I had Jaymie's family and they had us--we loved the present they gave us (hats and gloves and BB&B gift cards will be great!), and hopefully they liked our present for them, which was a popcorn bowl and movie treats and a card for Blockbuster. I didn't get to see them open it though, so I guess I feel a little disappointed, but I bet they loved it. (It was so fun to put together, too.)

Jon and I snuck back into our room to open the presents from my parents (among other things, HUGE hot chocolate mugs and some of my mom's hot chocolate blend, YUM!) but came out in time for breakfast, and then I went back in and finally got some sleep. I've been so tired lately, but at least I got some rest, and I felt way better after I woke up. Maybe I was just excited about the presents I got for Jon after all... a loot card he's been wanting, a CD from a group he was interested in, a little Wiimote candy dispenser, and some other smaller goodies. I was definitely relieved when he liked all of them. I think, for our first Christmas together, I did not do so bad at all.

And Jon got me a premium membership for the forums I go on, and more pony stuff (Winter Minty, Music with StarSong) so he definitely knew what he was doing too.

Jon and the other guys went to go play basketball at the gym, he had tons of fun but now he's sore and tired so I think tomorrow we'll use the hot tub out back. After he got back we talked about what we're going to do with WoW once we get out own place, since I don't feel like I can raid with my hunter once the nerfs hit. The guild needs healers, but I don't want to level another one from scratch and we can't afford recruit a friend, so his idea is to transfer his shaman to my account. I already have a level 70 resto shaman, so I know how to play the class, and it'll keep me from having to level another one (I can't use mine since Tanakyll is Horde and I play Alliance now). I think it should be interesting at least, and it'll be nice to be able to contribute to the guild again (besides just with my cooking).

We all had a big dinner (ham and the usual traditional stuff, plus this awesome jello thing) and everyone told stories about when they were kids, there were some really weird ones but mostly they were pretty funny. After we ate I came back in here to *start* this post but of course we had to come back out for pie and games (Taboo and Set). I totally won at Set, but Taboo was boys vs girls and we lost. Everyone's out watching a movie now, but I think Jon and I are probably going to read for a bit and go to bed early. I think tomorrow we'll see about getting up a little earlier than usual and using that monkey bread kit, mmm...

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