more hanukkah stuff

dinner was a bit different than planned, the meat we were going to use for the fondue was not of a quality to work well with that, so instead we had stir-fried veggies and chicken which was delicious. donuts also did not work out as I didn't realize the dough needed to be made the night before so it could rise (oops). So both of those we'll probably be having later in the week, along with more latkes since they were such a hit. :) a triple batch, gone in about 20 minutes...hehe.

One of the candles had a really long wick which I should have trimmed, it ended up burning really really fast but still lasted long enough once it slowed down a bit. I'll be more careful tomorrow night.

anyway, Jaymie and family got here safely, if very very hungry, and we all had a good time playing games before bed. everyone kept jumping at the falling branches though, it's a little scary to hear since some really big ones have been breaking off, and the backyard is a mess. I don't know if we can even move the fallen branches without cutting them up first, I guess if the weather is better tomorrow we'll find out.

whee, almost christmas!

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Katie said...

Well, I'm sure that it was frustrating for you to not have some of the stuff go as planned, but we get to be the lucky recipients of your repeat attempts!!! Donuts, yum!