Hanukkah update

Picked up a menorah (cute tiny classic-looking one) and some candles at Hallmark, and some picture books at the library. Sarah was cutting sugar cookies when we got home, she'd found a Star of David one and was so excited (and so am I!) that we will have some themed cookies for Hanukkah. We'll do white icing and blue sugar probably.

Still need dreidels, an Oregon member of the MLP Arena was able to help me out there, she's mailing them tomorrow so they should get here by the second or third night. :) Have the chocolate coins already.

Menu is latkes, fondue, and cottage cheese donuts. Mmmmmm.

Still need to find a book with a short explanation of the Hanukkah story, and the candles we got have the blessing on them in Hebrew (once with Hebrew characters, once written so I could at least read them but my pronunciation is likely to be a bit off) and I would like an English translation so that everyone can understand.

I don't think I've forgotten anything...


Katie said...

We're sad that we won't be there for your Hanukkah night. :( It looks like it is going to be informative and delicious!!! See you guys soon!

Kate said...

Don't worry, we're doing all eight nights, and we won't have the dreidels until the second or third day anyway. :)