Like riding a bike, apparently.

Except I never really got off the bike. Yesterday Kate, myself and David, our friend who just got to lvl 80 on his Warlock were playing around in WoW. On Sen'jin. I know, everybody thought we were through with that server, but not yet. I thought I wouldn't be on my Night Elf Death Knight until the Argent Tournament started up. We actually had fun.

Our first order of business was to get David some better gear. BC epics is what he's still using, and they're good quality stuff. So first we went through the Culling of Stratholme, got him an upgrade and also got him a Bronze Drake mount.

Then, on the way to the next one, Heroic Azjol-Nerub, Kate stopped in Dalaran to turn in the cooking daily quest, when suddenly she squeaked very loudly (it was a joyful squeak) and started freaking out. When asked what it was about, she just said "You'll see soon!"
We didn't have long to wait, she soon linked us a recipe she'd been looking for for a long time, the recipe for Delicious Chocolate cake, which she'd been wanting for her Chef title, she's only 8 or 9 recipes away from that, and she'd nearly given up on it.

Afterwards, however, Azjol-Nerub was disappointing. We had problems with the healing, and I'm well-geared enough and skilled enough for that not to cause a problem, at least until the last boss. There are these monsters that come in to reinforce the boss spray poisons everywhere. I recommended the Druid remove the poisons, which he can do, because David and Kate died to the poisons during the fight, but he insisted that the poisons weren't the problem, but that it was the DPS.

3 times we tried and failed. For the fourth try he said "I hate to be that guy but I g2g" (got to go for all those playing at home). So we picked up a priest to replace him, one that we knew but had only hit 80 recently. First time we did the boss, we took him down. Poor, stupid druid.

Remember, folks, changing tactics when they're failing consistently is a sign of wisdom, not weakness. The only people who're afraid to try new things are idiots and fools.

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