Gaaaaah! Too much!

So as I was pondering what subject I should write about today, my mind was rather overwhelmed with the little things that could be mentioned. I'll have to post more frequently so I don't forget something fun and interesting.

My current work schedule's thrown off my WoW life, being unable to play w/the usual group of guys n gals on Sen'jin has made me sad. So I've been resorting to a lot of PVP. It was kinda cute, late one evening as I was in Alterac Valley Kate came over and curled up around me; she and I talked for a bit, then she fell asleep there on the beanbag chair using me as the pillow.

Recently I've been doing a lot of PVP in Wintergrasp, particularly. Let me offer my ideas as to what constitutes a good strategy.

1) Offensive strategy. Even if the horde pour all their resources into defending one point, if that's the weakest point that most people are bunched up at, it's still profitable to rush there. Spending 15 mins attacking the untouched walls on the east side when the west has nearly broken through to the center of the fortress is a waste of time.

2) Defensive strategy. Unless there's only 5-6 horde in the zone, you will not be able to defend until the battle-timer runs out. You need to send out some people to attack the towers; not only does this give you a buff to damage, but when the towers are gone, we win. Trying to "hold them off" is a strategy for failure.

Always remember, if you make the game about anything other than winning, you're gonna lose. Those WSG (the Capture the Flag Battleground) fights where people get into the mindset of "ZOMG JUST GET OUR FLAG BACK" are the ones that are lost.

Recently when I was playing racquetball with my father I pointed out that sometimes we get so focused on just one part of the game that we forget what the overarching goal is. I had hit some hard shots, and I suggested that instead of just trying to return the hard shots, remembering the point of the game, namely to score. His shots became more difficult when he started focusing on that and he got a couple good ones on me that I wasn't able to return.

Well, that's all for now, I'll post again soon if I remember something interesting or something interesting happens.

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