Matching pets and mounts for RP purposes

I almost always have a story behind my pets and mounts--Izsera's hippogryph mount, for instance, is one that she raised herself (not only does she have the minipet, but when I did the quest to rescue an egg from Feralas it was perfect quality). Her gryphon has a similar story, since she would have had to be crazy to just hand the eggs over to a Draenei with no notion of how to take care of animals. And for the longest time she had a Ghost Saber and a Spotted Frostsaber that were (of course) one and the same. Now with Ireta, although I'm going to have to shuffle things around to make it work story-wise, I'm planning to pick up the worg pup minipet, she has an unarmored black wolf as her current pet which will be switched for an armored one at 59, and I will be grinding out BGs so she can learn to ride her wolf (that is, pick up the pvp mount).

The following list-o'-links is something I've been thinking about writing up for a while, and is probably incomplete, but here are some of the other pet+mount combinations that ought to work well. Links are all to Petopia, Warcraft Mounts, and WarcraftPets (all of which I spend more time at than I should...I swear I'll get back to leveling in a--oooooh pretty!)

Horde-only sets:

Worg Pup (black phase) -> Black Worg/Warhound -> Black War Wolf
(The brown phase matches the Brown Wolf but there is no tamable wolf that color.)
Frostwolf -> Frostwolf Howler (Eye color changes.)
Dark Grey Wolf -> Dire Wolf
Grey Wolf -> Swift Timber Wolf (Not an exact match, but colors are close. Eye color changes.)
Green Raptor -> Emerald Raptor (Not an exact match, but close. Eye color changes.)
Pink Raptor -> Violet Raptor (Not an exact match, but close. Eye color does not change.)

Anyone can pick up the Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling and tame a Dragonhawk to match, but it looks like only Horde will be able to complete the collection with the Red Dragonhawk mount (Alliance players get a blue one, which is available as a minipet but not a Hunter pet).

Alliance-only sets:

Frostsaber Pride Watcher -> Winterspring Frostsaber
Nightsaber -> Striped Nightsaber (The Black Tabby Cat is tricky for Alliance to get, but might be a good minipet match.)
Striped Frostsaber -> Striped Frostsaber (The Silver Tabby Cat might be a good minipet match, though the eyes are a different color.)
Frostsaber -> Swift Frostsaber (The White Kitten might be a good minipet match, though the eyes are a different color.)
Snow Leopard/Ghost Saber -> Spotted Frostsaber

Neutral sets:

Black Bear -> Big Battle Bear (Horde and Alliance Black War Bears aren't really a good fit but could also work with a little imagination. They could also kind of work with a Grey Bear.)
Brown Bear -> Armored Brown Bear, Horde or Alliance
Baby Blizzard Bear -> White Bear -> White Polar Bear
Tiger -> Swift Zulian Tiger
Nether Ray Fry -> Purple Nether Ray -> Purple Riding Nether Ray
Green Nether Ray -> Green Riding Nether Ray
Red Nether Ray -> Red Riding Nether Ray
Blue Nether Ray -> Blue Riding Nether Ray

I don't *think* I've missed anything, but if I have please do let me know. :)


Bob said...

That's a fun little bit of RP right there. I guess you with some of those combos you could pretend your hunter pet is your mount.

Now where can I go find a Mechanostrider to tame?

Kate said...

Yeah, that's the idea, making it look like you are riding your hunter pet. ^.^

Tamable Mechanostriders would be awesome....probably too awesome. =o

Meara said...

Mechano Peep.. But i do think Talbucks would be a cool pet. O.O or a "swift borean rinno" GASP! o.o i would so get my hunter one of those puppies