Factions, Guilds and Helping Hands

Weeeeellllllllllllll okay. My perspective on the situation involving Malygos and the guild officer is a little bit different than Kate's. We talked it over with another officer in the guild, and discovered a few interesting facts. First of all, it was a pickup group, not a guild run. Sort of.

It was begun by an ex-guildy who'd been kicked out of the guild for running pickup groups at the same time that guild raids were scheduled to be, and told us he didn't care if he was kicked out because of it. So he was. The guild had been having trouble with Malygos, so they decided to ask this ex-guildy for help. He agreed, and then they proceeded to fill out the group with mostly people in our guild, which is when Kate was asked on her Hunter to DPS. The ex-guildy who was running the raid wanted to fill it up fast and get going, so the officer who whispered her was in a rush. Apparently a terrible rush, because he forgot to mention a few things.

The things he should have mentioned: 1)It was a PUG, not an official guild run. 2)He was not necessarily in control of invites.
Had he mentioned these two little facts, it would've resulted in Kate not feeling like he was putting down her DPS and saying, effectively, "I don't care if you know Marksman and Beast Mastery, you're still not good DPS."

So they ended up downing Malygos, which is great. Unfortunately, the guild lost a Hunter because of it. Our guild's problem is not tanks, our tanking is fine. Our problem isn't healers, our healers are wonderful. Our guild's problem is DPS. The DPS gets killed in the most simple of fights; they cross Charges on Thaddius, they die consistently (like, every time) on Heigan's Safety Dance, they crowd up on Zeliek and get fried, etc. etc. Not to mention most of them have trouble pulling over 2K DPS on fights where they do manage to survive.

My perspective on what happened is that it was a great opportunity for our officers to show to the guild and to the ex-member that was helping us on the raid two things: 1) that people in the guild come first, and 2) we are in control when we run raids. Now let me explain. If the officers in the raid had explained to the ex-guildy, "she's re-speccing Marks, we're going to give her a few minutes," there would've been two possible outcomes.
1) the ex-member would've gotten impatient and left the group, which to my mind was not a negative outcome at all, as there are undoubtedly other people on the server we could've asked for help with Malygos.
2) he would've acquiesced to wait for Kate, which would not have resulted in the guild losing a Hunter.

But instead, the officers were afraid to lose the ex-member's help. I know the one officer that Kate spoke with probably didn't consult with the rest of the officers in the guild as to how he should ask her to come along, the guy was a jerk for talking to her that way. But the real problem is that we showed the ex-member that to us, progression is more important than the guild members. Which I find strange, since they've been tolerating sub-par DPS without much effort to force them to improve and allowing people to consistently make the same mistakes on boss battles that get them killed without much effort to correct them.

A strange situation to be sure. So, yeah, in the aftermath of all of that, we re-rolled Horde on a server with an old friend of ours who's kept in touch with us.

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Akhellar said...

The guild's been bleeding out all the good players, and if by the time you left our issue was exactly what you have mentioned, right now the issue is lack of tanks and healers, added to our other issues.

Honestly I didn't know the whole story, I'm glad I've read it, too late, but still it puts more in perspective.

Check around for that part 2, I think you've given me more "material".

Take care and keep writing, at least that way we can sorta keep in touch.

- Ak.

By the way, that officer that's a jerk, yep he still is, and another by the way, the two officers that left (you know, shaman and druid, resto both?), and Meara and myself, voted Izzy instead of him, so...here goes to democracy and officer value!. Cheers