He's no Loque'nahak

But he'll do.

Before anyone asks, "Wait, I thought you were leveling a Blood Elf"--yes, I was. This is my old hunter, my very first character, the one I went Survival with and melee'd because I had no idea how to kite. The one who lost her very first pet because I was too stupid to do the second part of the Hunter quest and couldn't feed him. The one who got put on the shelf at level 46 when I started up my Shaman, and sat there until earlier this week when I dusted her off to run through Ragefire Chasm farming linen cloth.

Clearly she's come a long way since then, and I am having fun.

Now, as for the gorilla in the picture...

After hitting 56 tonight in BRD and "rescuing" the stupid princess, I had all the gear I needed out of there and never wanted to see a Dark Iron dwarf again. Un'goro seemed like a good spot--plenty of quests, lots of mobs to skin, and the pretty green was a nice change from red and black. I picked up the gorilla quests first--my first time into the cave, I noticed a named mob on my tracking and nearly panicked. I knew there was a rare white gorilla that spawned in the back of the cave (I remembered from when BRK posted about his), I knew it had a name that started with a "U"...

/target U'cha

Nope. Just a regular old mob, probably for a quest. I picked up the last few pelts I needed and headed out, trying not to feel too disappointed. I mean, it took BRK over 5 hours...any less for me would be silly. That's actually what I told myself to feel better. I'd been so excited, too.

I wandered around for awhile doing a couple other quests--gathering scales from the pterrordax and diemetradons, picking up every green crystal I could find, attempting to singlehandedly wipe out the entire tar beast population. Eventually I got back to the Tauren, turned in my gorilla pelts, and noticed he had another quest for me, to kill the named gorilla I had seen earlier. I already knew the rarespawn wasn't going to be there, so no stress, but I could use some more rugged leather so I picked up the quest and headed back.

About halfway to U'cha I checked my tracking to make sure I was heading the right way.

U'cha, Uhk'loc...

Wait, that can't be right. That has to be the rarespawn.

/tar Uhk'loc


(I don't seem to have a Brain, just a cuteness/awesome detector. It was squealing away like crazy and babbling something about nice pets, though, which I am willing to accept in lieu of actual conversation so long as it doesn't turn on me.)

Bad news, though--he was right next to the big U'cha guy and a couple of other apes. Even with me a few levels higher I wasn't sure if I'd be able to take out the others first, or pull him alone for long enough to tame him. I was ready to try, though, and also recruited Jon's paladin as backup in case I needed a stun. It's a long flight from Orgrimmar to Un'goro, though, so I decided I would try on my own and feign death if I had to.

I cleared up until I could see into the room--there were a few gorillas on the left, U'ch on a big rock in front of me, and Uhk'loc was wanding in a circle. I backed up a bit, abandoned my raptor, dropped a trap, and rummaged through my spellbook for Tame Beast. I waited until he was rigt in front of me, crossed my fingers, and clicked.

Nothing happened.

Apparently I was too far away. Okay, scoot closer to the trap, try again--none of the other gorillas came with him, thank goodness, but now he was right on top of me and there was no way my trap would last for the whole cast time. I hoped he wasn't one of those difficult creatures that would interrupt the taming spell as the last second...

That's funny, he was glowing, and getting smaller at the same time. I hope that doesn't mean he's gonna--Oh. I tamed him. He's mine now.


I sat there for about a minute just looking at him before I remembered that I was, in fact, on a quest, and it might be a good idea to finish it up before flaking out and running off to post a screenshot. (I did.) I'm thinking I'll call him Snow.


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I was stumped for a name at the time. She'll get something easier to pronounce once I hit 80 with her. =D