Subtlety's finer points.

"Are you logging on to your warrior?" Kate asks me as I log off of my Death Knight.
"I'm thinking about it," I replied, "but I remember promises of ice cream, and snuggles."
"Oh, I'll get the ice cream," Kate says. I hear her rummaging around in the kitchen. "It looks like there's only Hunters looking to join a group for BRD, so I totally don't want you to think this is a bribe."

Somewhat confused, I remain silent.
"Think what's a bribe?" I ask.
"Well, I really really want that ammo pouch and the leggings from BRD, but I don't want you to think that I'm getting you the ice cream as a bribe," Kate says.

We laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
When she brings the ice cream in to me, it's the vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with green sugar, a Peep perched up on the top of it and jelly beans scattered on it.

I look at the ice cream, then look at her. "You're very good at bribery," I say.

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Jesse Marchant-Shapiro said...

Of course. That is definitely my sister.