Mood: Grumpy

Got hit on by a gnome while I was running around on my lowbie druid in Ashenvale. Told him "no" about thirty different ways, stealthed, and still couldn't get rid of him. Told him I was a hairy, overweight man in real life. His response: "Wat?"

Logged on to Izzy to try and get some stuff done. Got my 50 pet achievement along with Stinker the skunk. Jon has a black cat on his DK so I'll finally get to try that out. The excitement was marred somewhat by a level 20 druid in grey armor asking me to give her gold to buy a twink weapon, and then following me around asking questions like where I got my white hawkstrider.

I did find a group for the Heroic daily, eventually--right as we were about to pull the first boss, though, a guild officer whispered me and wasted about five minutes of everyone's time. I say wasted, because the conversation went something like this:

Him: Are you still BM?
Me: Yes, why?
Him: We need more ranged DPS for Maly.
Him: But we only want good DPS.
Me: I do good DPS.
Him: Yeah, but your pet is worthless in phase 2. Could you respec SV?
Me: I don't have the gear for SV but I could switch to MM pretty easily, just need a few minutes to set up my action bars for it.
Him: /waffles
Me: So do you need me or not? My group is about to pull the first boss in H UK so I need to know now.
Him: Nah, we need good DPS.


And woo, looks like this is our 100th post. Yay? /confetti

edit: It appears that now they've brought in a former guild member to fill out the raid--one who was gkicked for skipping guild runs so he could pug.



Tristan said...

Lol sif you need good dps for Maly... we rock up with alts that have 10k health and hit 80 like 15 minutes ago and beat him... and thats 3 or 4 people in the raid, not 1.

The only part that is hard in that fight is getting 1 shot by 2 or 3 bullets in the RNG 2nd phase or by having downers in your group for the 3rd phase.

Bob said...

You are probably being nice, but I would have /ignored those annoying people following you around really quick. I guess I don't interact well with others, lol.

Toque said...

heh, somebody needs to educate that raid leader on huntering :P