Time for a new pet?

No, this isn't about the new spirit beast or Aotona becoming tameable. It's actually about my new Blood Elf Hunter, so if that doesn't interest you I won't mind if you ignore the rest of this post and go drool over the pretty new pets in the links above. (In fact I'm gonna go do that myself when I'm done here.)

Like Jon said, we've re-rolled Horde. We're back on Dragonmaw, the PvP server where I started out--I do have a 70 Shaman, but I enjoy Hunter much more, so I've been leveling a little Blood Elf named Ireta. At the suggestion of one of Fogol's guildies I ran over to Bloodmyst Isle and tamed her a Ravager, one of the pretty green ones. (The Ravager's name is MyHat--rather than explaining why this is funny I shall simply direct you here.)

I hit level 30 yesterday and got my red hawkstrider, so I think I'm doing pretty well. The Ravager's weakness as a Cunning type pet is really starting to show, though, and so I'm looking into alternatives. The only Tenacity pet I really like (besides the Hydra) is the Warp Stalker, and I'm nowhere near high level enough for that, so Ferocity is what I'm going to need to go for. I think the white tiger from STV might be a good match, even though I'm not fond of cats, but he's level 43 so I've got a while before I can tame him.

My favorite Ferocity pet is the blighthound, but that's pretty high level too. Stats-wise though, a wolf is a wolf... I've been planning on taming one of the riding wolves from Hellfire Ramparts, and later go for the PvP mount. I am considering looking for an unarmored wolf with similar coloration so that when I tame the higher level wolf I can just say that specialty armor I was getting made has arrived. ;) The worgs in Silverpine seem like they might be a good match, and it'll be a good chance for me to see if I like the furry wolves as much as the shorthaired ones.

I'm still totally not sure what I want, though, so any suggestions would be nice. :)

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