Fail Gank.

Life on a PVP server is difficult. The reason is that when you're still leveling up somebody who's much higher level than you can come along and just rip through you like a bull through a wet kleenex. This is just the way things are, and people have different ways of coping with it.

First there's the suicidals. These ones just hold still and hope it'll be over quickly. It usually is. I consider these types to be fatalistic, weak-willed and pessimistic.

Second there's the escapists. These ones do their best to run away, sometimes successfully and done well, other times they mess it up, but with varying levels of success. This type is hopeful and positive, but not confident.

Third, the fighters. This type is where I classify myself, and I shall soon explain why with a story as well. These ones will try to kill the other one, fighting back with everything they have. Once again, varying levels of success, depending on level difference, numbers and skill. These ones are aggressive, positive and confident.

Now the story. I've got a level 53 warrior, Sazhur is her name. I was doing a quest in the Blasted Lands, fighting various Shadowsworn cultists, when suddenly a gigantic gorilla slams into me from behind, and bullets start pounding against my armor. I turn around and see a level 62 night elf hunter using me for target practice, as his gorilla plays bongos on my skull. Thinking fast, I charge up into him. Take away a Hunter's range, and they don't have much else. A few other Shadowsworn ran toward me, but the Hunter dropped an explosive trap, and the explosion from it made the cultists focus on him instead of me. After a few Shield Slams and one well-timed Revenge, I manage to kill the hunter with a sliver of health and 2 angry cultists still alive. I then proceeded to execute a tactical withdrawal.

Now, excerpts from the combat log.




Now, a few things that our little friend Jaystand could have done differently. First, Disengage. It's a cheap, easy way to get distance that Hunters get at about level 20. Second, he shouldn't have tried to drop a trap, especially Explosive; that only made the cultists focus on him, not myself, and did minimal damage. Thirdly for heaven's sake, he didn't even try to kite me, he used Wing Clip once, but in a rather perfunctory manner without any follow-up to try to get further away.

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Al'Exodus said...

Wow, congratulations, I love when this happens! I think I am in the same category with you when it comes to ganking. However, I have only had limited success, winning in fights with smaller level difference.