Of keeping one's cool.

She never believed me, you know. When I insisted that Player-versus-Player action would help you in fights against computer-controlled monsters, she would just shake her head and find an excuse.

A few days ago, we were together on our horde characters, myself a paladin, her a Hunter. She always keeps up Track Humanoids, which helps us to spot enemies from far away, on Dragonmaw they can attack us with impunity, and fresh into Northrend means we're fairly low-level. We were fighting Magnataur close to the mountains, when she noticed a Death Knight riding by. She advocated leaving it alone, I concurred but with the understanding that if he should be working on the same quest as us we should attack him.

He was.

After he went down, a rogue attacked us. It was higher level, and took down Kate's Hunter. She did not escape my wrath, however. Soon the rogue and death knight came at us together. We focused on the rogue first, bringing it down quickly, but I died right afterwards, from the death knight. Kate handled him beautifully, managing to bring him down with little trouble.

Afterward, Kate remarked how back when she was new, another player attacking her like that would've made her freak out, but now, with more experience and more importantly, having learned, as she put it, "one death won't kill you," she has become much more adaptable and calm in the frantic circumstances of PVP, which helps her in all other aspects of the game, too.

Here's a picture we took of my paladin shortly before the attacks.

More sparkles than Edward Cullen! -Kate

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