Oh, Blizzard, you tease.

Recently the Death Knight changes have left me scratching my head. Death Strike's gone to an erratic, but useful self-healing ability to a major damage-dealer for Blood with hardly any healing, back to a solid damage dealer with good self-healing.

At the point when it hardly healed at all, I despaired of ever being able to duo old raids with Kate any more; wistful memories of Zul'Gurub, Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair flashed through my mind and a tear slowly traced its way down my cheek.

However, Death Strike now heals me for about 15% of my health each time I use it, provided I have at least 2 diseases on the target, which is a good enough portion of my health to definitely be worthwhile. So Death Knights, rejoice! Once again, we can sustain our own health in most situations without the assistance of a healer!

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Meara said...

Now if I could get some of owr DK's to think about that kinda thing... Damn it's better then blood thrust from warriors! >> still deals a lot of damage tho. Kinda makes me wanna get back to Morgan /ponder