Goodbye, quivers... and hello again!

Jon was a bit sad when he found out that quivers and ammo pouches were being made obsolete--his hunter had the epic quiver, after all. He wasn't about to vendor it off, of course, but he was going to miss it. Me, I wasn't too concerned, after all I had barely seen my quiver since level 70 or so, and the ammo stacking changes would give me a lot more room in my bags. As soon as 3.1 hit, I unequipped my quiver (planning to vendor it later) and stuck a 20-slot bag in its place--I was thrilled.

As soon as I had the quiver in a bag slot, though, I noticed something strange--my quiver was showing up on my back again, even out of combat! I wasn't sure why... maybe it was just something added to the ranged weapons, rather than anything to do with the quiver itself. The graphic for the Knothide Quiver (yes, I was still using that at level 80... /fail) is pretty recognizable, though, and did not look very nice with Arrowsong.

Once I vendored off my old quiver, sure enough, the graphic no longer displayed--wanting to make sure it wasn't just an odd fluke, I picked up a low-level quiver from the Auction house and stuck it in a bag.

It looks pretty darn awesome. :)

Wowhead has some other neat quivers listed--I'm sad now that I vendored the Hunting Quiver when I did that quest. Oh well, I like the Light Leather one almost as much.

Now I just need to figure out if this is a Hunter-only thing, or if quivers now display for other classes that can use bows as well...

Edit: Thanks to some help from my friend Mutilated, I can now say that this seems to be a Hunter-only effect (or at least, it doesn't work for Rogues). Thanks, Mut! :)

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Phyllixia said...

That is actually a really cool finding. Nice! :)