No, not the movie about the dog (though that's where I got the name), this is Izsera's demon wolf! I drew this picture a couple months ago, along with some others (baby Spirit Beast, anyone?), and am just now starting to get stuff scanned in.

I'm pretty happy with this drawing, I think the proportions and such are okay--the front left leg is a little wonky, but other than that I like it. :)

Speaking of art, if you haven't heard already, Pike is doing avatar commissions! I know I want one, but I'm holding off until I can decide which of my pets I want included. Bolt is my usual companion, but Sassy is just plain awesome, and I miss being able to raid with Minloth. Hmm...


Sheri and Dan said...

You are an awesome artist!!! you should post more of the things you have drawn

Kate said...

Thank you! :)

Now that the scanner is working I definitely plan to be posting more. ^_^