Dual Spec

I'm almost used to playing two different characters now--by which I mean that I've nearly adjusted to dual spec on my Shaman. The action bars switch automatically, and I've been keeping most of the really important things in the same place. Since I'm Enhancement and Restoration, though, there's a huge difference in my playstyles between the two, and I sometimes will go for an ability that I don't actually have. (I love my Spirit Wolves, everyone should get to have them!) It's nice knowing that I can fill whatever role I'm needed for, and that I don't have to choose between two specs I love.

The hard part is going to be getting geared up for both roles. I mean, I'm pretty much playing two different characters--but I only have one person's worth of playing time, and one character's worth of Heroic runs. I can't very well roll on loot for both specs, but at the same time, I don't want to have to choose just one to focus on.

I know I want to raid as Resto, though--I just don't trust anyone else to do it right. So Resto gear is probably what I'm going to work on first, and I won't have to compete with two other people for loot the way I would if I were Enhance for dungeons. Enhancement, well, I do have fun with it...I'm thinking I might go for a PvP spec and gear though, since I should be able to DPS just fine with that.

Also, the amount of hit rating an Enhancement Shaman needs scares me.


Meara said...

Nah! it's really not all that much.. 446 or so raiting but that's not includeding Dualweild spechal (with DWS its like 268 or so for Orc-ish people). I mean vel is OVER caped at the moment and I really can't bring her down. It's the expertise that used to be the big problum.. stupid hunters not needing it...

Yea gearing for two specs is really a chore! However, it really dose give us the extra utility that we need. It will make your Daily grind easier and your raiding situations easier.

Kate said...

Well that's good to know! =D over 400 is a lot to a hunter though, lol.

I'd heard I need to gear for the spell hit cap though, whatever that is. 17%?