Three Bad Pugs!

P.U.G. For those uninitiated, it stands for Pick Up Group. Its definition, a group of random people who come together to do something. Whether playing 3-on-3 basketball or a game of flag football, it usually means fun.

In the context of World of Warcraft, it means a good 1-2 hours of sheer agony. It is my intention in this post to spotlight 3 "players" whose incompetence astounded me at every turn.

Our first subject: A Hunter, who I'm going to refer to by a shortened version of his character's name, Durr. After we'd fought a group of Twilight cultists in Ahn'kahet and were preparing to rest to heal our wounds, Durr shot the group behind them. I shall now quote you his exact words after he shot and pulled the next group into attacking us: "It wasn't a pull, it auto shot them."
That was what he said after the first time. The second time he did precisely the same thing on precisely the same group. Nobody said anything, but the sound of our palms hitting our faces was quite audible.

Our second subject: A rogue, who shall remain anonymous. Now, as any novice dragonslayer will tell you, the worst place to be when fighting a dragon is near its mouth. Ignoring the razor-sharp teeth capable of spitting a wild boar, there's also their breath. Keristrasza, a corrupted red dragon driven insane by Malygos' torture and warping of her, is no exception. If you are being burned by her crystalfire breath, it's obvious from the searing flames that cling to your body. Now most people, upon suffering once or twice from this inferno, would begin to re-think their placement and perhaps relocate to a position somewhere less adjacent to her maw. The survival instincts and common sense of a lemming would have served our friend well, but he seemed hell-bent to dive into the dragon's gullet. Maybe he was trying to slay the dragon from the inside out...?

Our third subject is a warlock. Normally, these wielders of demonic energy are near-insane fanatics, driven by bloodlust and an insatiable thirst for more power. This specimen was somewhat less...zealous. During one fight, the final boss in the Nexus, an intense cold permeates the room, causing more and more damage as time wears on. This effect can be cleared by moving; even something as simple as jumping in place will do. This encounter caused us difficulty, and after about the third or fourth attempt the warlock decided he'd had enough. From then on, he'd follow meekly wherever we led, huddling in a corner while half-heartedly throwing out the occasional Shadowbolt.

These stories here aren't the worst I have experienced, but they are the most recent. All 3 of our subjects I've partied with in the last two days. If anybody has stories about pugs that are worse, I'd love to hear about it.


Mut said...

Hey, this is Mutilated. What happened to you guys? I quit hypno after you guys left, i still want to be friends, what's going on? Message me or send me some mail on wow.

Kate said...

Well, we didn't quit we got kicked, but it was kind a of a relief.

I'm logging on to Izzy now, so if you're on I'll tell you, okay?