Doing the Huntard Dance

It's been a long time since I did anything serious with my hunter--long enough to forget some of the really basic mistakes to avoid. I ran a Nexus achievement run and OS10 and part of Naxx on my hunter tonight for the first time in a while, and I think I managed to hit just about every one of them:

Wrong Aspect:

During several pulls in Heroic Nexus, I left Aspect of the Viper on while I was at full mana. I'd been tweaking Power Auras earlier--my settings are a real mess right now--and had it turned off. Even without an addon telling me not to be stupid, though I don't have much excuse. Another party member noticed before I did.

Later, in Naxx, someone had to tell me to switch out of Aspect of the Pack. Less embarassing, though, since it ended up being about 20 minutes before the next pull due to getting replacements.

Wrong Target:

On the achievement for Anomalous I was so focused on my own leet DPS (having made sure to turn off Viper this time) that I didn't notice I was pewpewing happily away at one of the rifts until it was down to about 10% health. Whoops!

Poor Pet Management:

I actually had the opposite of the traditional problem--I kept my wolf on Passive, but forgot to send him in most of the time. Thank goodness I'm Survival now.

Really Poor Threat Management:

I pulled aggro so much that I spent half of the time I wasn't feigning death in shadowmeld. MASSIVE failure on my part--it's so hard to pull off the tank with my shaman, I'd forgotten I couldn't just go all out on my hunter as well. It was so noticeable that the other hunter in the Naxx raid (/waves at Grindell in case he's reading this) prefaced each boss fight by whispering me "Hey, let's spam our Misdirects on *insert tank here*! It'll be fun!"

I really needed that, though. :)


I brought no water or regular food with me, had to get my potions made on the spot by a guildie (though at least I had the mats), and I'd farmed up a stack of fish feasts that spent the raids sitting happily in the guild bank. I are teh smart!

Loot Ninja

I ninja'd a BoE green from Heroic Nexus. It was an accident, I was trying to click target another mob when the loot box popped up, but I'm counting it here because...

I have now, at long last, earned my True Huntard Merit Badge!

/weeps tears of joy

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Phyllixia said...

The pics make your post so much more amusing ;)