Vicious Glee

Today, Izsera and I had a rather bad experience. One of our friends on Sen'jin was helping out a new guild and wanted her help in Naxx as the guild is very short on experienced level 80s. As she's been missing her Hunter a lot, she was happy to join up and help out.

Things had been going so well, too; one or two bad Heroics with a healer that has confidence issues, but the Naxx 10-man full clear put her in a much better mood. So today, even though she wanted me to run her new little Death Knight through Zul'Gurub, she agreed to DPS for Halls of Stone at Heroic difficulty.

I watched the run; it seemed to start off pretty well, the first boss is never a problem, and even though they employed a flawed strategy on the Maiden of Grief to get the achievement, at least they got her down on the first try (no achievement though). Then a little hiccup as the tank pulled 3 groups at once and got everyone but her killed, then another as the tank pulled 4 mobs at once, 2 Unrelenting Constructs and 2 Raging Constructs. Given the gear level of the group, that was more than they could handle.

This is where I come in: After they die trying that, they need a new DPS as one of the others has run out of time. I offer, they invite and summon me in. The tank says "just so you know I'm going to do it exactly like that again."

"If you do, Izsera and I are going to stand back, Shadowmelded, and watch you all die," was my response. "Possibly laughing," I added on as an afterthought, excessively mean but they made Kate sad. So in we go, and the tank does exactly the same thing again, and dies in exactly the same manner.

On the one hand, I feel slightly guilty for letting the group die like that without lifting a finger, on the other hand I did tell them what we would do. I just don't feel anything more than empathy for the other Death Knight in the group who went in there with them.

I've died too many times to people doing stupid things and forcing me to come along and take the indignity of dying for no other reason than I'm there in the group anyway. It felt nice to call out exactly what was going to happen, watch it happen, and be able to say 'I told you so,' all without having to get smashed flatter than a pancake by insane, raging golems.

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