When you can't find a PUG...

"I've been sitting in LFG for the past two hours...there's just nobody on."

"Hmm, have you tried /who?"

"Yeah... everyone in Dalaran is busy looking for those books, and there aren't any level 80s in IF or Stormwind."

"What about Darnassus?"

"Are you serious?"

"Um. Yeah, nevermind, that was a stupid idea."

"I haven't checked Shattrath, though--hang on a sec."


"Hmm... well, I've got DPS. Pass me lead?"

Illidan joins the party.

Kael'thas joins the party.

"What the... why are there raid bosses in our group?"

"Well, it's not like they were doing much, just sitting around Shattrath twiddling their thumbs. Actually, there's a lot of them there, seems to be where all the unemployed bosses go. I could have picked up Vashj, too, but I don't want the competition on Hunter loot."

"She has Hunter loot!"

"Yeah, but the Drake-mounted Crossbow would be an upgrade for her, too. Anyway--"


"--like I was saying, I know that, we still need a healer. Any suggestions?"


"Okay, BRB. I'm finding a list."


"Back. Looks like we have two main options. Personally I'd rather go with Delrissa, but she's probably busy. I know there's a bunch of people still running Magister's Terrace for that white hawkstrider."

"And the other option?"

Freywinn joins the party.

"You have got to be kidding."

"Hey, finding a boss that heals isn't easy. Anyway, we're going to need to summon him; he doesn't have a flying mount so he's kind of stuck right now. We should probably start heading for the stone. Everyone know how to get to Utgarde Keep?"


Thank goodness I don't have to try to find a group for H UK anymore--it was the Heroic daily yesterday and I finally got my Plunderer's Helmet. Re-gemming my gear so I could go for a really nice meta gem was a pain, and I'm back under 4k AP again, but barely, and I gained about a percent of crit.

The guild put together a couple of 10-man Naxx groups to gear up some newer 80s later on, and I finally got to see Sapphiron down. We're planning on going back in for Kel'thuzad tonight, right before we do 25-man Sapph and KT. I'm not sure whether I'm hoping for the UglyGun or not...still, it should be fun. :)

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I'm so slow at leveling I still have had the experience of Puging Heroics... yet. Anyway, I've tagged your blog. Just a little FYI: