I was sitting around in Darnassus (for you non-WoW folks, that's not a bad word, it's the Night Elf capitol city) when someone posted in Trade Chat looking for more for Onyxia. Jon knows (along with maybe one of two other people) that she's one of the bosses I've wanted to fight since I started playing--I mean, big black evil dragon? With cute little baby dragons (which admittedly are also evil)? Yes please! I was a little hesitant since the lock putting the group together was only level 60, but he did have an 80 prot pally along so I was willing to give it a try.

After finding a couple other people, losing the pally, and picking up a warrior, the group was:

Me (80 Hunter) and Sassy (80 Hydra)
60 Warlock
79 Holy Priest
60-something Warrior
60 Death Knight
80 Warrior

The 80 warrior wasn't prot but was going to tank--I had Sassy along just in case we needed an off tank for anything, or the tank DCd. Everything went pretty well for the first phase, despite most of us not being familiar with the fight. Once adds came out, though, the lowbies started having trouble--5k health just isn't enough when you have 3-6 little dragons nibbling on you--and then the floor started spitting lava (thank goodness I had some practice with that sort of thing), and avoiding that as well as the aoe flame breath thing was a little much for them. So it was me and the Warrior, me putting everything I had into it while watching his health--when he hit about 20% I switched Growl on and hoped Sassy would survive long enough to let me get a couple kill shots in. With the damage the tank was taking I really didn't expect to live long if he went down.

He died, Onyxia went straight for me--Sassy didn't have quite enough threat built up. Shadowmelded, but lagged a bit, and ended up moving before my pet had enough time to get aggro back. Feigned death--was resisted. Ran around the room for about a minute just trying to stay ahead of her, me at 4k health because I'd been careless with the AoE earlier, and spamming my Lifeblood button hoping it would get off cooldown before I got hit. Sassy finally grabbed her, and I went back to DPSing.

I went OOM, and ended up spending a while in Viper, panicking and hoping that I was doing enough damage (I have no idea what the enrage timers are on old bosses, but it felt like I was taking for ever). Most of the others had released, assuming that it was a wipe, and were talking about respeccing for more DoTs (no, really, I am not making this up). Suddenly Sassy was at half health--aaagh, Mend Pet, search for Last Stand button, panic about my mana, switch back and forth between Viper and Dragonhawk to get the most out of my Arcane Shots without going OOM** hands were shaking a bit with the excitement/stress/panicpanicpanic.

It took me a while to realize we were actually going to be able to kill her, it wasn't until she was down to 96k (that's when I looked up) that it finally hit. I looked down at the chat log and apparently they'd been cheering me on for a bit but I hadn't really noticed....

And then I was the only one who got the achievment. 0.o

Anyway, I know it's nothing special for most folks, but I was just so excited, never having done it before. (And so proud of my Hydra. *snuggles Sassy*)

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