She's terribly cute, you know.

Ah, how I love my wife. Kate's recently decided she wants to test out a druid. I was watching her play through the night elf quests, and I noticed she'd let her health get extremely low. I mentioned that she should cast Rejuvenation on herself, as it slowly restores her health.

"But it's on cooldown!" she said, referring to the delay that some spells have before you can cast them again. I was confused. You see, my years of playing as a druid had led me to believe that Rejuvenation doesn't have a cooldown. I peered more closely at her screen to confirm my suspicions.

"Rejuvenation doesn't need to cool down, you can always cast it," I replied, pointing to the spell's details, which indicate nothing about a cooldown. She read it closely, then looked up at me, pouting angrily.

"It's too dark, it always looks like it's cooling down," she said, a cute little frown on her face as I laughed.


Tristan said...

Thats awesome... Maybe you should macro it to a lighter/more awesome button... Like flash heal lol.

David said...

I remember that, I'm pretty sure it happened while I was over there playing with you!