I feel so dirty....

I knew this day was coming, and I've managed to hold out for a long time. My recalcitrance had become nearly legendary among the guilds I run with, and I could even maintain a certain devil-may-care, maverick attitude about it. But curse it all, they just kept making too many add-ons too fun and useful!

I still maintain all my opinions and prejudices, namely that they can cause bugs in the game, that they can devour system resources like an Arrakis sandworm devours a harvester (and for any who didn't get that extremely geeky reference, I take this opportunity to recommend Dune, by Frank Herbert. Read it!) but still, I broke down. Curse my human weaknesses! I blame Kate, who kept on showing me such useful and pretty little programs to download!

I'm sorry, I just can't continue, I'm afraid my emotions might overwhelm me. Anyway, they fed us at work on Saturday at least! Croissants, a fruit platter, donuts and danishes in the morning, and pizza in the afternoon. They even went around with a list and got everyone's preferred toppings. Unfortunately, I got stuck on a call and apparently my preferred toppings (sausage and mushroom) were more preferred than everyone else's, and my pizza was gone. Ah well, so I just had a bunch of everyone else's! Also, mom and dad took david, sarah, myself and kate out for dinner at Red Robin. Good food, good times.

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